Traducción de microbrewery en Español:


destilería de cerveza artesanal, n.

Pronunciación /ˌmaɪkrəˈbruəri//ˈmʌɪkrəʊˌbruːəri/

nombrePlural microbreweries


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    destilería de cerveza artesanal femenino
    • The combined volume of beer sold by microbreweries and regional specialty breweries increased by 210,000 barrels, bringing their total volume to just under 3.8 million barrels.
    • For thirty years, Maurice lived in a small outhouse attached to the pub, acting as an impromptu security man, on-site maintenance engineer for the microbrewery and resident ghost.
    • First, microbreweries and chains featuring beer experienced tremendous growth.
    • Seattle boasts microbreweries, Pittsburgh is the kind of place where a beer means a Budweiser or Miller and nothing else.
    • There are beers brewed especially for this time of year, including some of the best beers put out by microbreweries and foreign breweries.
    • While the major breweries dominated the beer market, imported brands and local microbreweries also flourished.
    • Lang Creek Brewery in Marion, Mo., is a microbrewery that puts aviation right on its labels.
    • Irish-owned microbrewery the Porterhouse Brewing Company has opened its fifth bar and restaurant.
    • The microbrewery's beers are formulated from proprietary recipes.
    • If microbreweries could succeed by making beer in limited quantities with high-quality ingredients, he would do the same with ice cream.
    • Portlanders drink better beer than most, too, with 23 microbreweries within city limits.
    • You have a huge movement of organic food and the phenomenon of the microbreweries.
    • Located in a four-story brick building that used to be a shoe factory, the as-yet unnamed restaurant will have an 1,800-seat banquet facility as well as a neighboring microbrewery.
    • In 1986 they cofounded Catamount Brewery, one of the first microbreweries in New England.
    • Tonight, the plan is to get beers at a new microbrewery and then catch Morgan's band, which is playing at another joint.
    • The vacuum chambers, where the test masses reside, look like the tanks in a microbrewery, though unpolished.
    • He is the only shop in Japan which adjusts blends depending upon the time of year and quality of harvest, a true microbrewery.
    • I can't stress exactly how unremarkable this cereal tastes; it's like going to one of those local microbreweries and tasting a pale ale whose taste completely vanishes from your mouth the second you drink it.
    • However, unlike microbreweries, the brewpub growth represents a welcome turnaround after five years of falling numbers.
    • The Glacier Brew House, a downtown microbrewery that serves burgers and such, is popular for lunch and dinner.