Traducción de microscopic en Español:


microscópico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌmaɪkrəˈskɑpɪk//mʌɪkrəˈskɒpɪk/


  • 1

    (very small)
    (organism/fragment) microscópico
    (fragment/organism) al microscopio
    • The presence of microscopic algae in the circulatory system and internal organs can help to locate where the victim died, as they vary from place to place.
    • You can see it in the way the boatmen fret over their dories: spit-polishing microscopic scratches on the hulls, glowering when passengers track dirt onto the decks.
    • One of my concerns, echoing those of Duster, is the manner in which external traits previously linked to race might now become microscopic objects of distrust and abnormalcy.
    • This microscopic, single-celled green algae contains more chlorophyll than any known plant - nearly four times the amount found in spirulina.
    • To begin with, when at a length of only 7 mm, young chub feed primarily on microscopic algae and diatoms.
    • It is believed that the microscopic plankton on which tiny sandeel larvae feed are moving northwards as the sea water warms, leaving the baby fish with nothing to feed on.
    • They feed on microscopic blue green algae plants that only thrive in saline waters.
    • They feed on many types microscopic algae that grow on calcareous material, such as coral skeletons.
    • Indeed, large stones of the day were not polished, making it quite impossible for microscopic letters to be inscribed on them in any visible way.
    • It's an epic, but at the heart of it is an extremely detailed and microscopic view of human nature.
    • Snow algae are colorful, microscopic organisms that thrive in the chilly, acidic, sun-blasted, and nutrient-poor confines of melting snow.
    • A microscopic splinter in a finger can be extremely painful, while a cut on your leg may not hurt as much!
    • But the plight of Cameron - whose guilt must have been magnified by the island's microscopic smallness and the glare of the lighthouse lamp - was peculiarly unaffecting.
    • Is she flipping through a magazine and raving about a microscopic skirt?
    • Stumpf said that bloom intensified when it moved south of Sanibel Island, possibly with a bloom of a diatom, a type of microscopic algae, called Rhizosolenia.
    • The doctors then suck out a little bit of the contents of the donor egg - the cytoplasm - using a microscopic needle manipulated by tiny robotic arms.
    • Diarrhoea was defined as watery when the patient passed at least three loose stools per day without visible blood or microscopic red blood and polymorphonuclear cells in the specimen.
    • His dream was big whereas my dream by comparison is tiny, almost microscopic.
    • Ashley turned to see a striking blonde girl wearing a microscopic skirt step towards her.
    • Copepods feed on microscopic algae and in turn serve as food for millions of other invertebrates and fish.
    • Though the giant forms receive more notice, there are also many microscopic brown algae.
    • The only life found in the lake are some microscopic algae that live between certain layers of water within variable depths of the lake.
    • Seriously, it's an extremely small, microscopic number, and he probably won't notice.
    • Raban remained silent as the two bickered, glaring at the back of the half-elf, willing him to blow into tiny, microscopic pieces.
    • Sea ice provides a habitat for microscopic marine algae which are released in the summer when the ice melts and are fed upon by krill.
    • Coccoliths are the extremely small calcareous parts of microscopic marine algae.
    • The nutrients trigger blooms of microscopic algae known as phytoplankton.
    • Sure, any time we crush bacterial cells for research, it's a sacrifice of a tiny microscopic life.
    • Remind me why paying $25.00 for two endive leaves and a microscopic piece of seared tuna on a tiny plate would make sense on any planet in the universe?
    • To their scientists, the visible snow is only a small part of all the settling material that is mostly microscopic and not visible to the naked eye.
    • Most of these fossils are microscopic bacteria and algae.
    • Within spongy layers of sea ice, microscopic algae bloom in profusion as sunlight floods in from above.
    • Rip him apart into teeny tiny microscopic pieces.
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    (examination/investigation) minucioso
    • What exact history is realized in a universe does, of course, depend on microscopic details.
    • Their music glows with the aural equivalent of sunlight reflecting on a thin pool of ice and pulses with microscopic detail, all the while possessing a sharp absurdist sense of humor.
    • None the less, neither darkness nor joy eclipse her humour, most evident in the fantasy of microscopic details in her drawings, scratched into layer upon layer of textured colour.
    • His intimate Portrait of a Man (London, NG) is detailed with microscopic precision and the sitter is, unusually, placed by an open window overlooking a landscape.
    • Here, they prosper in splendid microscopic detail.
    • Specific, often microscopic detail is discussed but supports the parallel narratives.
    • For half an hour he talked in microscopic detail about how the car is built.
    • But all this detracts from the microscopic detail of a play in which even the sweat stains on the hips of a miner's trousers acquires dramatic relevance.
    • From now on every shuttle launch will be tracked and examined in microscopic detail, and this should set a precedent for all future manned space launches.
    • Near these points, the behaviour of the system is universal and does not depend on the microscopic details.
    • With their entire season on the line, Munster would have planned their day in microscopic detail, yet all of their best intentions looked like turning to dust as early as the first 10 minutes.
    • A number of microscopic details will be neglected.
    • It's often said that television is an impressionistic medium, good at putting across feelings, not details - of giving an overview, not a microscopic survey.
    • Independent of the microscopic details, such problems can be described at long times by a random walker moving along a tilted potential or, equivalently, a biased random walker.
    • Specific, sometimes microscopic, detail is used here, too, in a kind of a cinematic structure cutting back and forth between the two narratives.
    • And so, let me take this time to list a few of the many microscopic details that make ordinary day to day living worth it all for me.
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    (with microscope)
    (examination) microscópico
    (examination) al microscopio