Traducción de micturate en Español:


orinar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈmɪktjʊreɪt//ˈmɪktʃəˌreɪt/

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    • Labour are therefore micturating into a demographic Force 10, not to mention sowing dragon's teeth.
    • Not even Naftali can determine what patterns might constitute ‘suspicious’ behavior and yet he's gung-ho to micturate on the Fourth Amendment entirely on speculation.
    • On the first day after operation he fully recovered from the general anaesthetic and could micturate voluntarily.
    • When it was done I thought of the WW2 urinal decals that allowed one to micturate, forcefully, into the visage of an Axis leader.
    • Is it normal for my cat to micturate on the carpet every time?
    • Consequently, unnecessary things like pausing to eat or micturate are out.
    • Then one day you put the Diet Coke back in the fridge because the Target men's room is on the other side of the cash registers, and you can't get a cart in there and certainly can't hold the tot while you micturate.
    • I mean, obviously, Flak is a magazine that publishes a lot of criticism, and I didn't come here to micturate upon their rug.
    • Several hours later he was admitted to the hospital unable to micturate.
    • What's more, I knew for a fact he was not shy about micturating in public - a product, no doubt, of his European upbringing.
    • As a Frenchman he enjoyed micturating on the Yanks.
    • But she could hardly fail to see the point when McDonald expressed his discomfort at passing miscreants micturating in his minimalist letter box.