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Middle Ages

sustantivo plural

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    the Middle Ages la Edad Media
    • Alfred is still considered quintessential as a ruler of the Middle Ages.
    • Numerous imperial and royal palaces survived into the early Middle Ages and were restored or rebuilt.
    • Medical knowledge in the Middle Ages must have appeared to have stood still.
    • Whenever a king in the Middle Ages was toppled, an impostor would pop up somewhere claiming to be him.
    • The most ambitious crusading expedition of the later Middle Ages had ended in humiliating failure.
    • The size of the cemetery itself also reflects the commercial exploitation of death in the Middle Ages.
    • This genre flaunts a cosmology that would have been entirely understood by anyone from the late Middle Ages.
    • From the late Middle Ages onwards, one plot in particular dominated these tales in Europe.
    • In this short series he set out to rescue the Middle Ages from the clichés of knights, damsels and monks.
    • It was founded high on a series of hills by prosperous Saxon merchants in the Middle Ages.
    • In the Middle Ages, wildly anachronistic tales of his exploits in Rome were in circulation.
    • If one thing symbolized political and military power in the Middle Ages it was the castle.
    • In Roman times Britain had as many people as at its peak in the Middle Ages.
    • The European climate in the Middle Ages was two degrees hotter than it is now.
    • During the Middle Ages in the west, the Roman legal system was in power in the Eastern Roman Empire.
    • By the close of the Middle Ages, there were likely public warehouses here.
    • At one time it was thought that the immense majority of European peasants of the Middle Ages were legally unfree.
    • As a result it has had no influence on other European authors of the Middle Ages.
    • During the Middle Ages, missionary enterprise was to some extent replaced by crusades.
    • For me, the ancient Greeks and Romans, the high Middle Ages and even the Tudors passed in a blur of boredom.