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middle ground


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    the middle ground el terreno propicio para un avenimiento
    • There have been several other recent cases in which the Court has also sought to establish delicate distinctions in the quest for the middle ground.
    • But given the politics they may be looking to concentrate that tax cut somewhere in the middle ground.
    • If he'd started on the middle ground in January he'd have been rolled over in the rush.
    • Labour managed to reposition itself in the late 80s/early 90s by forcing the party into the middle ground.
    • In Canada too, we see politicians striving to take the middle ground, aiming to not alienate potential voters.
    • On the whole, I think the select committee worked very hard at trying to find a middle ground between the views of all New Zealanders.
    • It has previously been mentioned that, occupying the middle ground in peace settlements, is the quest to impose a new identity on the defeated states.
    • Nevertheless, Canada continues to try to occupy what little middle ground exists.
    • It occupies a nice middle ground of compromise - grandstanding gets you nowhere.
    • This popular move for a referendum reflects the squeezing of the middle ground during the escalation since 1999.
    • There appears to be little room for middle ground between these opposing positions, and much is at stake.
    • The Liberals are reasonably comfortable with the middle ground and have a balance of opposition on the left and the right.
    • I wanted to explore the middle ground - the grey area in between.
    • In our view, these can usefully be measured along a continuum, from red to green light positions, with some bias today towards the middle ground of amber.
    • Whenever I find myself in the middle ground, I usually seem a little lost, trapped as I am between my cynical hatred and my naive love.
    • The Government's been so successful in dominating the middle ground, and voters seem to detest any whiff of political ideology.