Traducción de middleman en Español:


intermediario, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɪdlˌmæn//ˈmɪd(ə)lman/

nombrePlural middlemen

  • 1

    intermediario masculino
    to cut out the middleman eliminar al intermediario
    • Furthermore, because of the cost savings derived from cutting out the middleman, Dell believes it can sell computers at lower prices than its competitors, and thus steal market share.
    • Most are self-employed, but a few are dropped at street corners by employers, like farmers, wanting to bypass middlemen by selling their products directly to the customers.
    • By exporting the coffee themselves, farmers earn considerably more per pound than they would if they sold through industry middlemen.
    • It was a little unorthodox that they did it that way, cutting out the middleman.
    • And middlemen, who sell drugs directly to doctors and hospitals, often favored domestic brands.
    • The giveaway will last a couple of days to a few weeks, depending on how many radios retailers and middlemen were able to order.
    • The two big banks have their own retail branch outlets and are perceived as not needing to pay middlemen to sell their products.
    • The British became the main middlemen between tropical producers and European consumers.
    • Instead of selling their product to middlemen before it makes its way onto the world commodity markets, the growers have a direct, long-term relationship with the people buying their crop.
    • Pay particular attention to suppliers, retailers and middlemen.
    • A quarter of the grain sold was not sold through middlemen but directly by the farmer to the customer, and it was the smaller farmer who sold least through the merchants.
    • If a publisher can offer a game experience at half the price of its competitors by cutting out the middleman, they have a decisive advantage.
    • That's because the Internet is increasingly cutting out the middleman.
    • It is now becoming a more important market, and they would see economies of scale by cutting out the middleman.
    • Serving as a middleman means paying vendors for merchandise, and then receiving payment from customers.
    • They are adding value to their produce, cutting out the middleman and getting feedback from their customers.
    • There are always lots of middlemen or distributors to sell your product.
    • But the market for local foods will never serve as many producers and consumers as it could if direct marketing - cutting out the middleman - is the only method of getting local foods to market.
    • That leaves the retailers, the two middlemen and the producer.
    • But they do not include the revenues of middlemen and retailers.