Traducción de midsection en Español:


sección central, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɪdˌsɛkʃən//ˈmɪdˌsɛkʃ(ə)n/


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    (middle part)
    sección central femenino
    • Yet Africa and South America maintained a connection across their midsections and probably did so until about 100 to 105 million years ago.
    • While resetting circuit breakers in the midsection of the aircraft, they noticed smoke and fumes.
    • From the midsection on, the plot is overwhelmed by sentimental subplots, resulting in a dilution of the opening's visceral impact.
    • The midsection and back of the dress were of black leather.
    • While shaft midsections were recovered more frequently than either proximal or distal ends of darts, eight proximal and 13 distal ends of dart shafts were identified.
    • The parts of the thick hull moved perpendicular to the midsection.
    • The focal point is a rocky stream that takes up the lower midsection of the painting, while to the far left one can see a gently curving road, set off by a low fence.
    • Also, and heaven knows how it would have worked, provision was made in the midsection of each outer wing panels for a bay that would carry ten small bombs.
    • Of interest is that the fractures on the Mill Pond contracting-stemmed bifaces occur on the midsections of the blades.
    • The midsection of the book contains chapters highlighting the development, content, and implementation of vision.
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