Traducción de mightily en Español:


vigorosamente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈmʌɪtɪli//ˈmaɪd(ə)li/


  • 1

    (hurl/heave/shove) vigorosamente
    (shove/heave/hurl) con todas sus fuerzas
    • They will have to lobby mightily in the halls of Congress on behalf of broadening their nation's version of perestroika.
    • They try, mightily.
    • The company is striving mightily to save itself at home by catching up abroad.
    • Through the other nostril he blew mightily, a volcano of air.
    • The rhythm section groove mightily; Parker can light a fire underneath pretty much any band and his solidity is typically elemental here.
    • Both clashed mightily against each other, wounded by their unbearable desire for her bed.
    • He struggled mightily, but had no luck.
    • They campaigned mightily to get the old visitors permit scheme revoked and the replacement scheme activated.
    • Republicans tried mightily to get him to switch parties.
    • Despite the lackluster dialogue, the cast strives mightily to bring some sincerity to their roles.
    • He has struggled mightily, especially on the road, throughout his second season.
    • He says he blames himself mightily for not pushing harder.
    • The young man shouted, still struggling mightily against two exhausted police cadets.
    • If you do, you'll be slugged mightily.
    • The commissioners labored mightily to reach the ultimate judgment that the department might be found guilty of mismanagement but not corruption.
    • I would struggle mightily in those courses, whereas I have many friends who find them a breeze.
    • The former dictator's defense team had struggled mightily to evade the tests - as well as a trial.
    • His audiences often applaud mightily.
    • After the first decade, the money was appreciably better, and Ann campaigned mightily for a plantation she had picked out.
    • It's difficult to imagine him not struggling mightily his first year in New York.
  • 2

    (improve) enormemente
    (improve) extraordinariamente
    mightily disappointed enormemente / sumamente decepcionado
    • This is certainly a mightily impressive building and unmistakably Scottish.
    • News of horrendous mortality rates awaiting Liberian colonists contributed mightily to this declining interest.
    • In the last few decades, I think the business has erred mightily in both directions.
    • The US has contributed mightily to the peace of the world over the past half-century.
    • They will certainly have been mightily impressed by the magnificent Croke Park.
    • Economically, Hong Kong prospered mightily under British colonial rule.
    • Matthew was mightily entertained, and almost forgot his own troubles while laughing at his cousins.
    • The council will, no doubt, feel mightily aggrieved.
    • Adrian, who readily admits that this is unchartered territory as far as he is concerned, has been mightily impressed by the atmosphere of the place.
    • Finally, the new medium of television contributed mightily to the success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
    • If a houseguest decided to get themselves a midnight snack without my permission, it is not at all unlikely that I would be mightily peeved.
    • From the outside, the hotel is mightily impressive.
    • It is, instead, mightily concerned with underground economies, which did not report their income and allegedly overwhelmed traditional economies.
    • The stadium looks mightily impressive and I hope I am still here to see it!
    • If there is a problem, I think it is mightily exaggerated.
    • The astronauts must be getting mightily tired of this.
    • He said it was the kind of response he expected from his team but, still, he had the air of a man who was mightily happy at the reassurance.
    • I was mightily pleased until I popped in to admire the roses of a neighbour who has the best flower and vegetable garden in the district.
    • I bought the album when it came out and have been listening to it fairly regularly since, and it has grown on me mightily.
    • Despite its wars, Britain prospered mightily during the eighteenth century.