Traducción de mighty en Español:


poderoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmʌɪti//ˈmaɪdi/

adjetivomightiest, mightier

  • 1

    (ruler/empire/army) poderoso
    • A glance at the current spate of hotel marketing deals makes it clear that tykes are wielding some mighty power.
    • The mighty power of influence still lived, whether good or bad.
    • Beneath this apex extended a mighty machine of centralized power.
    • It was quite an effort just to pull the oar level and even without my mighty power the boat was still whizzing along.
    • The power of thoughts is a mighty power that is always shaping our lives.
    • And both were a wake-up call to a mighty power to stir itself to action.
    • I must say I didn't feel like a sorceress that was going to wield mighty power.
    • This mighty power will continue to press for county councillors to respect the professional judgement of their highway engineers and consultants.
    • This nation, once a mighty world power, is being systematically stripped of all its wealth and influence, and no-one bats an eyelid.
    • Needless to say, I bought the sword, and quickly learned to harness its great and mighty power.
    • Over the course of their two-year journey, the travelers learned to respect the mighty beast.
    • And believe me, they will be cleaned up with air power and the mighty forces that are on the ground.
    • Are we witnessing the start of the demise of a once all-powerful, mighty beast?
    • How does he characterise these mighty beasts of the orchestral jungle?
    • The waterfall came down upon his body, forcing him to crumble under its mighty power.
    • His view of a mighty power fighting a lost cause for all the wrong reasons would be validated by the succeeding decade.
    • So I'm going to harness the mighty power of Google and put the beacon out there.
    • They crumbled to our mighty power with our losses barely reaching through the double digits.
    • The board has mighty powers to reject or approve the proposed hike.
    • The weapons of peace loving anti-imperialists may seem to be inconsequential compared to the power of the mighty few.
  • 2

    (fist/arm) poderoso
    (arm/fist) potente
    (kick) fortísimo
    (kick) soberano coloquial
    (kick) tremendo coloquial
    a mighty blow un soberano / tremendo golpe coloquial
    • He has given our people stout hearts and strong arms with which to strike mighty blows for freedom and truth.
    • He stepped forward and with one mighty blow of his fist he felled the tree.
    • It struck a mighty blow against slavery where it was strongest, in the plantation zone.
    • But as she did so, the ship gave a mighty heave and tossed both young adults backward onto the floor.
    • I gave the stick a mighty heave and it swung out in a beautiful, soaring arc.
    • It looked like a mighty blow against the forces of evil, which is all that he and his entourage thought necessary.
    • Finally, with a mighty heave, he wrenched the cross from the ground and quickly got his hands free.
    • Strength isn't something they are short of judging by the mighty heaves they gave every drive.
    • Shouting a victory cry, he gave one mighty heave and shoe, worm, and fish flew from the water in a perfect arc over his boat.
    • The pirate back-handed him with his cutlass, serving up a mighty blow to the older man's jaw.
    • He flung open the doors with a mighty heave, dashed inside, and screamed something about justice all the way.
    • Near the docks I was approached by a hairy creature staggering under a mighty rucksack.
    • So gathering all the strength he had he gave a mighty heave and broke the chain about his neck.
    • She would triumph over them and with one mighty blow, strike them all down.
    • Stronger than rock, it yields a mighty blow to the foe with each assault.
    • With a mighty heave, he threw the man from behind the rocks and onto the ground in front of him.
    • He took up the gavel, but in his nervous state about performing such a gutsy move, he gave the person sitting next to him a mighty blow on the head.
    • He gave the foot wedged in the portal a mighty blow with his own, and pushed the door closed.
    • The muscles in his legs were tense, as was the moment, and then he unleashed all his power in a mighty jump.
  • 3

    (ocean/mountain/river) imponente
    (river/ocean/mountain) enorme
    (ocean/river/mountain) inmenso

sustantivo plural


  • 1

    the mighty los poderosos
    • how are the mighty fallen! ¡cómo caen los poderosos!



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    that's a mighty fine pair of boots you're wearing llevas unas botas sensacionales / estupendas
    • it's mighty cold outside afuera está haciendo un frío de padre y (muy) señor mío
    • they got the work done mighty quick hicieron el trabajo rapidísimo
    • I would imagine that anybody who is captured by the enemy ought to be mighty careful going forward.
    • So when you reach 6,000 rpm the first time and think that this is a mighty fast car, the CCX is just limbering up.
    • But believe you me, that silly seventy dollars will fit in mighty nice this time of year in my cash-flow.
    • If that's the new definition I have a feeling that the list of enemies of civilization is going to get mighty unwieldy.
    • Jonathan is acting mighty smug, but this should put him back in his proper place.
    • Cold, wind and precipitation can make you mighty uncomfortable, not to mention put you at risk for hypothermia.
    • You guys have left some mighty good ideas here and via email.
    • He provided a mighty weak basis on which to call us smear artists.
    • It's mighty curious behavior to dump shares as the stock price is climbing and their marketablity should increase.
    • As their economies mature, the return on investment will decline, and the miracle will start to look mighty soggy.
    • Lawyers get paid mighty big bucks to spend their time on these questions.
    • He's acting mighty cagey for a guy who just reads the papers, don't you think?
    • You always know if a party's stock has been going up or down, but it's mighty difficult to know if it will keep going up or down.
    • The squeaky wheels get the grease, and certain widows belonging to certain organizations are mighty squeaky.
    • I think they were all mighty proud of this one, and for good reason.
    • Essentially, they invented a form of rebuke that has no constitutional meaning, but sounds mighty fancy.
    • The car search rolls on, and I tell you, I'm feeling mighty petulant about it.
    • If you consider 40 years ago to be ancient history, I'm starting to feel mighty old.
    • Preventing yourself from being buried by an avalanche of history homework can seem mighty impossible.
    • Those tissues will come in mighty handy and I'll be forever grateful that he left them for me.