Traducción de migratory en Español:


migratorio, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmaɪɡrəˌtɔri//ˈmʌɪɡrət(ə)ri//mʌɪˈɡreɪt(ə)ri/


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    • They are toxic, bioaccumulative, and able to be transported by the movement of air, water, and migratory species to places far from their original point of release.
    • Throughout most of its range the big-horn is a partly migratory beast.
    • For migratory species, such dams can disrupt several stages of the life cycle of the fish.
    • They are also partially migratory, and in the fall they can be seen traveling in flocks of more than a hundred birds.
    • A small percentage of Burrowing Owls from migratory populations may remain on their breeding grounds year-round.
    • It is also home to thousands of migratory birds, caribou, and other creatures.
    • We stress the importance of considering forest edge and early-successional habitats in conservation plans for migratory landbirds to provide stopover habitats for species that utilize those habitats.
    • Wild Turkeys are not migratory.
    • A few species of Emberizids are migratory, but most are permanent residents or make only short-distance migrations or nomadic wanderings.
    • Many birds in Washington are migratory, and others move to lowlands forming large winter flocks.
    • Northern populations, where water freezes, are strongly migratory.
    • Coffee is grown under a canopy of shade trees, preserving ecosystems that are home to migratory songbirds.
    • These routes used by migratory birds for passage between wintering and breeding ranges are called flyways.
    • It provides important habitat for almost 400 species of migratory birds, 80 species of mammals, and 40 species of reptiles and amphibians.
    • Agriculture professionals applaud the bats, which feed on migratory corn earworm moths (also known as cotton bollworms), America's number-one agricultural pest.
    • Four of the 10 island populations are migratory, and therefore I repeated the analysis with these pairs excluded.
    • The subspecies of Sandhill Crane seen in Washington are migratory.
    • A lot of the bird species here, particularly the migratory waders, have been decimated.
    • Sequestering of resources may be more difficult for animals that depend upon migratory prey.
    • Most Dark-eyed Juncos are migratory, following the food supply south, but many will winter over, given an adequate food supply.