Traducción de milch cow en Español:

milch cow

vaca lechera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɪltʃkaʊ/


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    vaca lechera femenino
    • The airlines themselves have become milch cows for CEOs who enrich themselves at the expense of their own companies.
    • It is India's tragedy that when it did so, it decided to treat radio as a milch cow rather than a public resource.
    • They're also milch cows for an aggressive and unprincipled leisure industry.
    • However, while the people who have been given the job of managing this problem enjoy the privilege of free parking they have no real incentive to think radically and stop using parking charges as a milch cow.
    • Once a particular sector feels it has become the milch cow for the Inland Revenue Department's coffers, those investors begin to look elsewhere.
    • Conditions deteriorated and the milch cow of the state could no longer succour the system.
    • The Gulf Air fares are a milch cow of both the Indian air companies as well as the Gulf air companies.
    • Basically just advertising milch cows, they rarely contain anything of real value.
    • In other words, when they get caught swapping honours for hard cash and when the stink gets too much for everyone to bear, they reach for their favourite milch cow - the public.
    • Your Honour, it is not just us being the milch cow.
    • I would like to assure you that we recognise the importance of the donors and do not regard our donors as mere milch cows.
    • For the hotels, the foreign tourist is the milch cow.