Traducción de mildly en Español:


suavemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈmʌɪldli//ˈmaɪldli/


  • 1

    (rebuke) suavemente
    (rebuke) gentilmente
    • I'd always be mildly irritated and try to ignore it.
    • But I was mildly put off, and somewhat challenged.
    • She said that she has been thinking about how she feels about her father, and while she feels mildly aggrieved, she is unable to feel any true anger.
    • His voice is mildly nasal, mildly ironic, and in general, mild.
    • Some people find incessant talking mildly annoying.
    • Second, at the same time, I'm somewhat surprised and mildly appalled that this story hasn't generated a lot of buzz in the blogosphere.
    • ‘My intention was to abstain on the matter of the landscape lighting,’ I said mildly.
    • ‘Give me your name,’ the man said mildly, smiling at Chris in a polite manner.
    • All this having been said, consider the possibility of mildly challenging the parent who admits to turning the decision over to the child.
    • ‘I've never thought there was too much in that,’ said Toby mildly.
  • 2

    (uncomfortable) ligeramente
    a mildly ironic tone un tono levemente irónico
    • I talked slowly, coolly, just barely managing to keep my voice light and only mildly curious.
    • The women were mildly curious, yes, but after some brief excitement, they knew they had no answers.
    • She seems only mildly, politely interested in my world.
    • But I was mildly curious about the link, so I went and looked at the page.
    • Unlike most others of its kind, it seemed mildly curious, coming closer as the morning went by.
    • She had large dark brown doe eyes and a mildly soft voice.
    • I'm also still mildly sore from Saturday's little walk.
    • But I have made a curious and mildly embarrassing discovery.
    • Spice up pub nights with your anecdotes, amaze friends and family with facts from your lectures, and expand the ranks of the mildly curious.
    • I was quite amused at the formality and mildly curious at what the experience would be like.
    • They seem mildly curious about my disgraceful lack of composure.
    • She glided over to him, her best mildly curious look on her face.
    • Yet, going to their house could be mildly upsetting.
    • I wasn't overly sleepy, just mildly lazy during the day.
    • If you're fascinated (or just mildly curious) about birds and their habits, this is a must-see.
    • This topic deserves more serious attention than a mildly humorous rundown.
    • Darien forced his face to look mildly curious.
    • Barry did have a nice singing voice, but overall I found her piece mildly creepy.
    • The MO and I looked at each other in a mildly confused manner.
    • Grace threw a mildly curious look at the library doors before heading to her study.
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    (acidic) ligeramente
    a mildly spiced sauce una salsa no muy picante / fuerte