Traducción de milk train en Español:

milk train

tren lechero, n.


  • 1

    tren lechero masculino
    • Carloads of bottled milk for New York City were shipped out via daily milk trains.
    • The milk train was traveling at around 40 miles per hour when it hit the plow at the front of the 823.
    • I like to model the 1950s era, so morning milk trains were still a part of the scene.
    • After one successful outing at Wakefield he celebrated with a meal at the hotel and then caught the milk train back to York.
    • In 1958 a federal order stopped the flow of Vermont milk into New York, and the milk trains eventually disappeared.
    • Since cows gave milk every day, the railroad had to provide milk trains just as often, but once they started to do that, farmers found an incentive to keep an extra cow.
    • These milk trains must have seemed slow as they moved from town to town, picking up hundreds of milk cans, but milk was a valuable and perishable item.
    • They are located next to the milk trains, of course.