Traducción de mindshare en Español:


conciencia de marca, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmaɪn(d)ʃɛr//ˈmʌɪndʃɛr/


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    conciencia de marca femenino
    • Like consumer marketers competing for a slice of public mindshare, Washington, Beijing and New Delhi are increasingly trying to win hearts and minds.
    • That seems like a smart move, but will it fix the mindshare problem and make readers love their newspapers again?
    • He is clearly marketed to win mindshare over the superheroes that plague so much children's programming.
    • It's been a great year for the Seoul firm, which threatens to kick Sony in the battle for consumer electronics mindshare.
    • But remaining in a holding pattern will only allow AMD to eat away at both mindshare and market share.
    • The various groups all hate each other and struggle internally for the mindshare of the Palestinian people and for financial support from the broader Islamic world.
    • With this cross-product availability, an already cutthroat market is going to get even more competitive, and the battle for female mindshare will be the key to victory.
    • MetalSite, for example, has achieved mindshare by locking in major industry traders, but its ownership by four major steel mills is a problem for some users.
    • Teams of marketing people are trying to build share-a-penny mindshare in the heads of gas station owners.
    • Google has garnered tremendous free publicity and mindshare as result of these tactics.
    • Images like this, showing the very real benefits to voters, is what it will take for ACT to win mindshare among its target audience.
    • Amazon always had the mindshare - and many believe the more effective Web presence.
    • Faced with consumer ennui and apathy, Nike has decided to engage in a desperate effort to regain mindshare.
    • More importantly, its mindshare is growing, and you ought to be scared.
    • But Apple undoubtedly has the mindshare lead, and has defined the standard by which other hard drive-based music players are judged.
    • Then there's the matter of marketing and mindshare.
    • Instead, VD is likely to compete on the strength of the Virgin brand and the mindshare it has among music buyers, thanks to the Virgin Megastore chain.
    • That will change, of course, but it's from this point on that the battle for consumer mindshare really begins.
    • Their answer to every dotcom marketing challenge was a ton of traditional advertising - gotta have mindshare!
    • We are all individual entrepreneurs, personal brands (in that fast-fading lingo), duking it out for mindshare and market penetration.