Traducción de mine shaft en Español:

mine shaft

pozo, n.


Pronunciación /ˈmʌɪnʃɑːft//ˈmaɪn ˌʃæft/


  • 1

    (de una mina) pozo masculino
    • As part of the work, deep mineshafts and an underground canal system will be made safe.
    • Curiously, Yang avoids the claustrophobic tension of the mineshaft.
    • Yet Li's film is also a fine social comedy - albeit one colored as black as pitch - about how you don't have to work in a mineshaft to see your life descending into darkness.
    • Fred had already dug seven metres of a mineshaft at his Grade II listed home when councillors refused him retrospective planning permission after complaints from neighbours.
    • Seven workers were killed when the fire raced through the mineshaft.
    • The workers were digging at an abandoned mineshaft that was depleted of commercial reserves.
    • We shot on real locations, and we actually went down the mineshafts.
    • Skippy was just explaining to the park ranger the whereabouts of the lost boy in the mineshaft, when we heard the blast.
    • In yesterday's note, I forgot to mention that we also explored some abandoned mineshafts and prisons (where we climbed the guard tower and found the old gallows chamber).
    • Disused mineshafts in Johannesburg could be turned into catacomb-style cemeteries, in a bid by the City Parks agency to accommodate the increasing number of people dying from AIDS.
    • Two men working down a mineshaft in rural China pose as brothers.
    • The geology of the immediate area of the Detroit Salt Mine was derived from logs of the mineshafts, exploratory core holes and nearby oil, gas and brine wells.
    • Gone are the disused mineshafts, spoil heaps and rusting machinery and in their place are smart new offices and homes, shops and leisure facilities.
    • The most significant discoveries came from the upper fills of the mineshaft excavated in 1971 by Roger Mercer, where two inhumation burials were uncovered.
    • We played at the tops of mineshafts in West Virginia and at union meetings in New York.
    • There is enough money to keep the mineshafts open until next Tuesday, but after that the colliery will have to be ‘capped’ unless further funds can be found.
    • It took three hours of climbing to reach the top where a sign warned of mineshafts.
    • When my father would come home from a long day in the mineshafts, he was always drenched from head to toe in that foul paste.
    • A retired mining engineer was shocked to discover an old mineshaft had opened up in a field where he walks every day.
    • In the last days of his life he was digging a mineshaft in his backyard, convinced that deposits of gold were to be found there.