Traducción de miner en Español:


minero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmaɪnər//ˈmʌɪnə/


  • 1

    minero masculino
    minera femenino
    miner's lamp lámpara de minero femenino
    • Last month the Doncaster-based firm said up to 40 miners at the colliery would have to lose their jobs in order for the pit to stay afloat.
    • Interviews with miners and mine executives established that many companies took the test equipment and placed it in equipment rooms or near air intake ducts.
    • Last July the spotlight was on 125 miners at the Oakdale mine who were sacked with $6.3 million in entitlements owed to them.
    • While drilling for coal deep in the Quecreek mine, 18 miners hit an old abandoned shaft filled with ground water.
    • Last week Government consultants working on its new energy policy visited Maltby Colliery to hear the miners' views on its future.
    • The first blast occurred as eight miners were transporting coal to the surface, hurling them toward the mouth of the 100-metre deep shaft.
    • In the first hours, both the company and local authorities attempted to play down the extent of the tragedy, denying that many miners were in the mine at the time of the fire.
    • An explosion in an eastern Kentucky coal mine killed five miners yesterday while one other miner was able to get out alive.
    • Five miners were killed in mine accidents in 2002.
    • Anyone who ever saw the way mining communities created miners ' welfare centres and the like knows that by working collectively to change the conditions in which we live we change ourselves.
    • Rescuers are frantically trying to reach more than 40 miners trapped in a coal mine that is filling fast with water.
    • The organisation of services at collieries and contact with miners gave him great pleasure.
    • The narrow mine shafts meant miners often had to work on their sides by candlelight.
    • After the suspicious death of a miner at a disused colliery in Wales, the Doctor investigates the owner, Global Chemicals.
    • In consequence the value of lead and the skills needed to mine the ores enabled miners to sustain their social independence from the attempts of feudal magnates to control them.
    • Small events had a big impact: a miner from Dennington colliery came to stay with me and my family while he was in London collecting money.