Traducción de mineral oil en Español:

mineral oil

aceite de parafina, n.



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    aceite de parafina masculino
    parafina líquida femenino
    • Products produced from petroleum, such as mineral oils, are classified as petrochemical pollutants.
    • Most natural makeup bases use products such as jojoba oil and candelilla wax instead of petrochemicals such as mineral oil (a gasoline production by-product), says Upton.
    • Neurons in the brain respond to the oily texture regardless of its exact chemical makeup; to these cells, coconut oil ‘tastes’ the same as peanut oil, corn oil, mineral oil, and silicone oil.
    • Oils from non-food crops can be used to produce everything from plastics to cosmetics and offer a high grade, natural alternative to traditional mineral oils.
    • As a general rule, you should try to avoid facial creams that contain mineral oils, which are petroleum-based, because they might leave a greasy film on your skin and clog your pores as a result.
    • Petroleum and mineral oils clog your pores and do not allow them to properly regulate natural oil production, actually making your skin dryer in the long run.
    • Where hardness can be sacrificed, whale, cotton seed and mineral oils are used.
    • Swiss experts recently revealed that well over half of all mineral oils used in the production of chicken feed exceed Swiss safety limits between 10 and 100 times.
    • Timely fungicide spraying and use of fogging with mineral oils will help to prevent this disease.
    • There was no history of alcohol or drug abuse, ingestion of mineral oils or of recent travel.
    • Mineral oil is not used in aromatherapy because mineral oil is not a natural product.
    • Solid lubricants such as soap, molybdenum disulphide or graphite are preferred to mineral oils and greases.
    • At that time virtually all available liquids, apart from vegetable and mineral oils, were acidic.
    • These include such things as pumpkin, mineral oils and even butter.
    • If you need to discontinue a prohibited product, such as a dairy-cow feed-supplement premix that contains mineral oil, research an approved substitute.
    • Beware of products that contain petroleum or mineral oils; they will damage your leather goods over time.
    • If you have a product, which is more than two years old, it is based on mineral oils.
    • The whole country was scarred because people never expected malicious dealers to polish stale rice with mineral oil just to gain a higher price.
    • He'd hang them on a clothesline, scrape them and then rub mineral oil into the skins.
    • The singers have complained that theatrical fog - a mixture of alcohol and mineral oil - is a health hazard.