Traducción de mineral spirits en Español:

mineral spirits

espíritu de petróleo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɪn(ə)rəl ˈspɪrɪts/



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    (utilizado como sustituto del aguarrás) espíritu de petróleo masculino
    • They will look different from the rest of the wood when wiped with mineral spirits; lighter spots that show the mineral spirits did not penetrate evenly.
    • To change the consistency of paint, try odorless mineral spirits, perhaps mixed with a dab of linseed oil.
    • Do not clean your hands or other skin areas with gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits, or turpentine.
    • Most of the wax can be stripped with rags kept moistened with mineral spirits or other paint thinners.
    • Smudges from the compound can be removed later with a cloth dipped in mineral spirits or turpentine.
    • Plus, there are no irretrievable brushstrokes, and better yet no headaches from chalk dust or mineral spirits.
    • Clean the surface well with mineral spirits or water as recommended by the manufacturer.
    • Scrubbing with the coarse cloth and mineral spirits may take the sheen off the door.
    • When you come back to your project, just stir the water or mineral spirits into the paint.
    • Water-repellent preservatives are mixtures of a solvent such as mineral spirits or other paint thinners, wax, a resin or drying oil and a wood preservative.
    • Paste wax helps to cover small cracks and checks in old finishes, and can easily be removed with mineral spirits when desired.
    • Remove it with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits or synthetic turpentine.
    • All of the materials, including the mineral spirits and non-slip additives, are available at local paint stores or home centers.
    • To find out what wood look like without stain but just with a clear finish, wet a section of it with mineral spirits.
    • Wipe all surfaces with a clean rag saturated with mineral spirits (paint thinner) to remove any surface contamination.
    • If this happens, use mineral spirits (paint thinner) to dissolve the residue.
    • Rags containing smelly solvents like mineral spirits or WD - 40 should be rinsed out with soap and water and let air dry before joining the rest of the laundry.
    • Thoroughly clean the surface of the piece with a commercial wood cleaner, mineral spirits, or wax remover, to determine whether the present finish is salvageable.
    • Occasionally, a bath of thinner or mineral spirits, followed by a warm soapy water wash and clean water rinse may be necessary after normal cleaning procedures.
    • You'll have to wait longer for it to dry, and you'll have to use mineral spirits for cleanup, but it's worth it.