Traducción de mineral water en Español:

mineral water

agua mineral, n.


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    (with masculine article in the singular) agua mineral femenino
    • Do remember to take a bottle of mineral water and a wet towel to supply water for the body and cool yourself while you are in the room.
    • Not an unreasonable amount as this included three mineral waters, a cafe mocha and two cappuccinos, but disappointing considering my steak.
    • Instances of people selling unclean water in bottles in place of mineral water are plenty.
    • The good news is that almost three quarters of the bottled waters we drink are natural mineral waters, with still versions the most popular.
    • Instead of pushing bottles of mineral water on us, water jugs were brought to the table as soon as we arrived and constantly refilled.
    • ‘There has also been significant growth in the area of non-alcoholic drinks, mineral waters and fruit juices,’ he said.
    • Then there's Alex - you can always spot him because he has a bottle of Evian mineral water on his desk and is obsessed with scribbling things on a whiteboard.
    • Even today many no longer drink tap water; bottled mineral water is the fashion.
    • For instance, the actual mineral content of most mineral waters is less than 500 parts per million.
    • Most people in cities now buy water while others use bottled mineral water, so water has already been privatised, they argue.
    • Chocolates, candy, freeze pops, bubble gum, and natural mineral waters, functional drink products and cream liqueurs are also among the range.
    • The Bulgarian government responded by sending 11 tanks of drinking water and a truck carrying bottles of mineral water to help the town.
    • At the Essex House in New York, a half-dozen different mineral waters are available.
    • The bill came to €61.50 including mineral waters and coffees.
    • Use bottled mineral water or at least well-boiled water.
    • Although he claims that it is purified tap water that he will sell, he does not make any distinction between mineral water and tap water.
    • And they warn that it may be in just those areas that produce many of Scotland's finest mineral waters that the tap water may not be all it appears.
    • And at almost a pound a bottle, Dasani tap water was more expensive than many natural mineral waters.
    • A typical encounter, and the last time I bought his wares: I asked for a bottle of mineral water and a beer.
    • Gibraltar is home to the light-manufacturing of tobacco, roasted coffee, ice, mineral waters, candy, beer, and canned fish.