Traducción de minestrone en Español:


minestrón, n.

(minestrone soup)

Pronunciación /ˌmɪnəˈstroʊni//ˌmɪnɪˈstrəʊni/


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    minestrón femenino
    minestrone masculino España
    • Ann tried the chicken soup whilst I had minestrone.
    • I was going to get soup, too, but they just had minestrone.
    • Sometimes, if you are on the losing end of a long delivery list, your minestrone might be tepid or your sautéed bok choy soggy.
    • There is also another hot station with a huge soup warmer with minestrone.
    • The first course was a minestrone, and the second course was a vegetarian risotto.
    • For a similar effect, serve a simple multicourse meal consisting of a cup of minestrone, a fish fillet with cooked greens, and a salad.
    • The minestrone had a deep, meaty taste to it but the reconstituted dried vegetables gave away its origins as a packet soup.
    • The lobster minestrone was marginally better than that, although it was served flattened out in the bowl, so the ingredients looked disparate and a little lonely, like they'd washed up from the sea.
    • It got splashed with minestrone and so I have had to remove it.
    • If the thought of minestrone with pesto dumplings gets you hot under the collar, then there's a bowl with your name on it.
    • Homey minestrone is a hit (many entrées come with soup or a house salad, pizza among them).
    • Before he could respond, I had grabbed the pot of minestrone and probably looked threatening enough to shut even Eric up.
    • I can't be sure she said minestrone, since the party was on the noisy side, but the point was clear.
    • The minestrone is thin chicken-vegetable soup.
    • Use the leftover pesto for other pasta dishes, stir it into minestrone and other Italian soups, or use it in sandwiches or as a topping for pizza.
    • On the other side was a minestrone with clams, shrimps broiled in Charmoula sauce and pork medallions with lemon and herbs, plus several others!
    • In attempting to place in perspective the scale of the disaster that had befallen it when South Korea sent its team of inflated egos homewards to mamma and a comforting bowl of minestrone, it turned to history.
    • He laughs at the idea of miso soup and rice becoming as ubiquitous as spaghetti and minestrone; Carluccio has a great, deep, fruity laugh.
    • The meal itself - on the menu this year is leek minestrone - may be somewhat modest, but that, says organizer Alison Hall, is the point.
    • Miso, for those who have not tried it, is like an Occidental version of minestrone.