Traducción de ministry en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈmɪnəstri//ˈmɪnɪstri/

nombrePlural ministries

  • 1

    • 1.1(profession)

      the ministry (esp in the Catholic church) el ministerio sacerdotal
      • to go into / enter the ministry hacerse clérigo
      • But the most important result is that, in a divided Church, ministry is not efficacious.
      • The story is that as Hays struggled over his choice of vocation, the ministry or politics, the church and politics fought over him.
      • Fr. Dunne, since moving to Tinryland in 1989, became very well respected in the parish for his pastoral and caring ministry.
      • I think there are going to continue to be men and women called to ministry as God would call him.
      • The chapters cover topics such as: worship, Bible versions, the ministry, elders and deacons, moaners and groaners, problems in the church, and revival.
      • I've heard it argued that it shouldn't be easier for a priest to leave the active ministry than it is for laypeople to end their marriages.
      • In short, black women are important in the life of the church and in the ministry.
      • Does a decline in the social status of the ministry as a profession weaken recruitment?
      • The essential apostolic office is that of the bishop, an office intimately associated with the person and ministry of Jesus Christ.
      • And Vernon Presley, Elvis' dad said Elvis felt a call toward ministry.
      • Love for God and neighbor, as lived out in the ministry of Jesus, specifies and constitutes freedom as Christians understand it.
      • The office traces its origins to the New Testament church, where the ministry of Stephen and others is described in the Acts of the Apostles as their diaconia.
      • Many times church leaders or pastors may say that a ministry's goal is to change lives.
      • The church ministry is now divided according to different age groups and administered by the pastor and six deacons elected by the congregation.
      • He came to a personal faith in Jesus Christ in 1976 and has served in the Christian ministry for 23 years.
      • Will Willimon is dean of the chapel and professor of Christian ministry at Duke University.
      • The antidote to this is for committed lay people, men and women, to be included in the ministry of the church.
      • We also discussed why Marian decided to train for the ministry, and her training so far.
      • I encountered Maritain in this his last book while studying for the Episcopal ministry in 1969.
      • His entire Christian life and ministry revolved around visible churches.

    • 1.2Religión
      (period of service, activity)

      ministerio masculino
      • In the decades that followed his death, out of the circle of 12 that had accompanied him during his three years of ministry, 10 would die a martyr's death.
      • It was there that he lived during the time of the ministry and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
      • During the time of His ministry, Jesus Christ lived in northern Galilee, at Capernaum, a short distance north from Magdala along the shore of the sea.
      • Periodically in my ministry, we have done worship planning with groups of lay people.

  • 2

    • 2.1MinistryPolítica

      ministerio masculino
      secretaría femenino México
      Ministry of Agriculture (in UK) Ministerio de Agricultura masculino
      • Ministry of Defence (in UK) Ministerio de Defensa
      • During Zhu's term, the Chinese government abolished 61 separate ministries and departments and laid off more than 1.15 million officials.
      • The recommendations of these Parliaments have been tabled to the relevant Government ministries and departments for consideration.
      • There will be three deputy prime ministers, and three new ministries will be created - state administration, sports and youth, and energy and energy resources.
      • The IGC appointed ministers to head the major ministries last summer, but never appointed a prime minister.
      • A National Policy Agency official on loan to the ministry, and a health ministry official on loan to the Cabinet Office will also take part, the officials said.
      • The movement's leader was the only one who could elect the head of the parliamentary group, the Parliament itself, the heads of ministries, and the prime minister.
      • As chairman of the Cabinet of ministers the prime minister is ultimately held responsible by the press and the public for what happens in each ministry represented in his Cabinet.
      • The document is the result of extensive consultation with government ministries and departments and other public and private sector organisations.
      • After each question, the prime minister directed questions concerning a certain ministry over to that particular minister to answer.
      • Japan's transport ministry said today that it has been informed of a possible terrorist threat against the Yokota base, which serves as the headquarters for US forces in Japan.
      • In short, the reforms were an effort to bring under scrutiny the activities of all Government ministries and departments through the supreme law making body of the country, Parliament.
      • Those Ministers are a risk to them, so if the Minister of State Services and the Government can roll those ministries into a bigger department, then that is fine.
      • This country has a strange culture whereby Government departments and ministries puff out their chests, depending on how much public funds they spend.
      • He called on the scrap metal dealers to liaise with his ministry if they had any outstanding contracts that needed to be met.
      • In 1893 Austria's ministry of culture commissioned the artists Gustav Klimt and Franz Matsch to decorate the Great Hall of the University of Vienna.
      • Iraq's interior ministry says that the American, a Sri Lanka and two Arab nationals were kidnapped from their office in western Baghdad today.
      • Since arriving in China on Monday, Nowak has met with vice minister-level officials from the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Public Security.
      • Also coming out of the summit was a plan to reorganize government ministries, affecting 15 ministries and 156 associated departments.
      • At the end of 2001, the provincial environment ministry issued four orders against the city of Hamilton for allowing discharges into the Red Hill Creek.
      • The reporters' expedition to the site was organised by the Iraqi information ministry to document what it called American war ‘crimes’.

    • 2.2Política
      (period of office)

      gestión ministerial femenino
      • Governments in the faction period were usually short-lived; a ministry which lasted 12 months had done well.
      • After the death of Canning and the failure of the Goderich ministry, Wellington became prime minister in January 1828.
      • In his first ministry from 1868 to 1874, Gladstone implemented many government reforms.