Traducción de minuet en Español:


minué, n.

Pronunciación /mɪnjʊˈɛt//ˌmɪnjəˈwɛt/


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    minué masculino
    • Her surviving hymn to the goddess, arranged by La Motte, serves as the sung text underlying the sacred ritual of the minuet.
    • He was also one of the leading teachers of the day, counting among his pupils Didelot, Perrot, Elssler, Bournonville, and Marie Taglioni, with whom he performed a minuet at the Paris Opera in 1835, when he was 75.
    • Louie, who dances a shaky minuet if properly guided, seemed like a shoo-in.
    • Mr. Gregory clapped his hands as the frustrated students tried to master the steps of the waltz or minuet.
    • All the colour and grace of the eighteenth century was seen at its best during the dancing of the minuet.
    • He indicates that the Irish dances were fine, as long as there was not enough room for the more refined movements of the polka, quadrille, or minuet.
    • This was a real ball, the music playing was suited to waltzes and minuets, and it was amusing for Angelique to see how the groups were once more separated.
    • Under the direction of instructor Shirley Agate-Proust from the Alberta Ballet School of Dance, a group of dancers in period costumes will recreate baroque dances including a minuet and a gavotte.
    • ‘The mob may sack Versailles; the Trianon may fall, but surely the minuet-the minuet itself is dancing itself away into the furthest stars’.
    • In the show's finale, boys and girls from Beckfield Lane and Burton Stone Lane schools danced a minuet on the floodlit steps of the museum.
    • Ali began the minuet in time to the music, catching Andrew - who was still glaring at the Duke - by surprise.
    • He also celebrates the minuet, of all dances the one that most clearly captures the blend of pastoral elegance and amorous desire that becomes synonymous with the ballet itself.