Traducción de minuteman en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈmɪnətˌmæn//ˈmɪnɪtman/

nombrePlural minutemen

  • 1

    (in US history)
    miliciano de la Guerra de Independencia americana
    • Later in the broadcast, I'll be talking with a leading congressman who says the minutemen volunteers are nothing less but American heroes.
    • The grandson of Captain John Parker, one of the Lexington minutemen of Revolutionary War fame, Theodore grew up in modest circumstances.
    • Its tradition stretches back to the fifers and drummers stationed with Hudson Valley minutemen during the Revolutionary War.
    • When Boston awoke the next morning, they found themselves besieged by a massive army of fifteen thousand militiamen and minutemen; this force would soon by formed into the Continental Army.
    • In Massachusetts, for instance, a minuteman might enlist for the rest of 1775 in what became the Continental army, reenlist in 1776, again in 1777 for three years, again in 1780 for a year, and again in 1781 for the war.