Traducción de miraculous en Español:


milagroso, adj.

Pronunciación /məˈrækjələs//mɪˈrakjʊləs/


  • 1

    (conversion/intervention/powers) milagroso
    • He claimed never to have been cut and attributed this to miraculous divine protection.
    • This miraculous reconciliation of Christ, declares that He is the Son of God!
    • His own miraculous power is seemingly well documented, though he himself was reluctant to speak of it.
    • One less well-documented feature of the canals of East London is their miraculous healing power.
    • He was seen by his followers as having the power to predict miraculous events.
    • It had become clear that he was dying and Frieda took him first to Germany and then to the south of France in search of what could only have been a miraculous cure.
    • Martyrs' bodily remains were sites of the divine on earth, possessed of miraculous and saving power.
    • Appealing to the works of a miraculous creator is no scientific answer.
    • Their cosmic selves and miraculous powers co-exist with these humble identities.
    • By Guru's grace, one attains the eight miraculous powers and all wisdom.
    • The first was the theological stage, in which events in the physical world were explained in terms of external miraculous powers.
    • There is a tradition that these names have miraculous powers if used properly.
    • Jesus receives him and provides breakfast for him, in the miraculous provision of fish and bread.
    • Hindus from both India and Mauritius visit the river, which they believe has miraculous powers.
    • It turns out this gentle giant has miraculous healing powers which some of them get a chance to benefit from.
    • Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles.
    • In adulthood, Zoroaster was resented by followers of the old tradition, but he convinced many with his miraculous cures.
    • In the basilica in Suyapa there is a tiny wooden image of her that is believed to have miraculous powers.
    • Situations which seem to be overwhelming provide an opportunity for God to display His grace and miraculous power on our behalf.
    • It was also at Pentecost that King Arthur and his knights were wont to sit and wait for some unusual or miraculous occurrence before they sat to feast.
  • 2

    (amazing, wonderful)
    (escape/recovery) milagroso
    (dish/display/performance) maravilloso
    it was nothing short of miraculous fue todo un milagro
    • Remastering is truly miraculous producing a picture, albeit black and white of superb quality.
    • Unfortunately for Malton the final whistle sounded to prevent a miraculous comeback.
    • The manager has already pulled off one miraculous escape from relegation in the Premiership.
    • But for me, above all else, it was his Schubert which was truly miraculous.
    • For Albion, two successive Premiership seasons would be unprecedented and nothing short of miraculous.
    • Each miraculous medical advance brings with it a host of unanswered questions that cut to the heart of what it means to be human.
    • The military victory was as miraculous as the oil lasting for eight days.
    • A miraculous transformation took place as I passed through immigration at the Eurostar check-in.
    • The Lions are showing signs, but nothing miraculous will happen in this one.
    • An Ardglass woman has had a miraculous escape after she was viciously attacked by a crazed seal.
    • A York driver has told of his miraculous escape following a collision with a combine harvester on a narrow country road.
    • But any glimmer of a miraculous comeback was blotted out by England's sixth try.
    • He was certain that he would be able to bring about some kind of miraculous treatment method.
    • Cardan achieved some near miraculous cures and his growing reputation as a doctor led to his being consulted by members of the College.
    • I have been experiencing restorative outages of up to fourteen hours per day through the use of this miraculous invention.
    • He'd actually had a miraculous political escape and he was taking all the credit he could.
    • A youth standing near the parked vehicle, had a miraculous escape from death.
    • Or he may have been part of one of the most miraculous feats of all time.
    • Starting Sunday, you were to build your legend even further with a miraculous comeback.
    • The results were not miraculous - but they did suggest that the treatment tended to benefit at least the younger patients.