Traducción de mirror en Español:


espejo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɪrə//ˈmɪrər/


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    espejo masculino
    (tiles) (before noun) de espejo
    driving mirror espejo retrovisor masculino
    • to look (at oneself) in the mirror mirar(se) al / en el espejo
    • to hold a mirror up to life reflejar fielmente la vida
    • a true mirror of public opinion un verdadero reflejo de la opinión pública
    • mirror sunglasses anteojos de espejo
    • I looked into the large, round silver mirror on the wall adjacent to my bed.
    • The driver's side mirror is often adjusted manually outside the car.
    • She managed to go a few steps further before she saw the bathroom mirror reflecting what was in it.
    • She stood up, and took a quick look at herself in the full length mirror on her wall.
    • I stood up and walked over to the full length mirror hanging on my closet door.
    • He pulled on his jeans and looked into the mirror above the sink.
    • My jaws dropped slightly as I saw the bathroom mirror was smashed to pieces.
    • Please, I beg you, look in the mirror in the dressing room.
    • She checks her rear view mirrors, but she does not check the door.
    • Sam looked dubiously at the large oval mirror on the desk, as Ryan set blue candles around it.
    • Kevin checked his rear view mirror to see if anyone was following them.
    • I was in for another surprise when I saw familiar images reflected in the mirror.
    • The young man saw himself in the mirror behind the bar.
    • Hold a mirror in front of you and you can suddenly see behind you.
    • As the steam in the bathroom began to vent, the mirror cleared and his image appeared before him.
    • There was a round mirror on the ceiling and in that surface I saw myself.
    • There was a mirror in my room, a tiny square of smoky glass.
    • Kitty smiled into her large, oval bedroom mirror.
    • Critically, I studied myself in the full-length mirror on the wall.
    • He looked up at the small cracked mirror above the sink.

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