Traducción de miscalculate en Español:


calcular mal, v.

Pronunciación /mɪsˈkælkjəˌleɪt//mɪsˈkalkjʊleɪt/

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    (quantity/response) calcular mal
    • He could have maintained the joint lead had he not miscalculated bogies at the ninth and 17th holes.
    • If the historians have miscalculated the number of people who died due to certain action of any particular movement I stand to be corrected.
    • I suspect that the Republican machine has seriously miscalculated this year.
    • The Department of Health is understood to have privately admitted miscalculating the cost of the contract, although it has denied this in public.
    • Did we miscalculate how we would be treated and received in Iraq?
    • Experts say the immigrants may have been here all along, but earlier estimates may have been miscalculated.
    • Record companies also reduce royalties by ‘forgetting’ to report sales figures, miscalculating royalties and by preventing artists from auditing record company books.
    • I think these candidates may have slightly miscalculated their decisions in recent cases.
    • He also added that he believes that it is essential that the leadership of the People's Liberation Army do not miscalculate in this situation.
    • She told him she had miscalculated the amount of money she needed for stock and was in danger of losing her customers if she couldn't meet her commitments.
    • Meanwhile, Fine Gael strongly rejected media claims that their economic document, had miscalculated by €1 billion per annum the borrowing implications of its policy.
    • In the June table of contents, we miscalculated the age of the Jesuit order of priests.
    • To my mind, the Americans and their allies miscalculated badly.
    • But it is hard to imagine him miscalculating that it could be done in the teeth of active opposition from the other political parties, the electorate, and a somewhat sullen defence force.
    • The storage networking firm today said that an internal audit turned up two specific ways in which it miscalculated the stock compensation.
    • He seriously miscalculated the attitudes of the other political leaders.
    • Now, though, it is hard to avoid the judgment that the Chancellor is miscalculating.
    • There is growing evidence that insurers routinely miscalculate how much compensation is due.
    • He seriously miscalculated public opinion of the other countries.
    • ‘If this was an attempt to buy off the unions before the conferences, they have seriously miscalculated,’ he said.
    • ‘We've simply miscalculated our tax payments and are willing to pay the remaining sum,’ the company spokesperson told The Jakarta Post.
    • However, while I woefully miscalculated the percentage points, I was dead-on in my place predictions.
    • But within the last two weeks the auditors have discovered staff have been miscalculating the speed of decision-making.
    • As history shows, he badly miscalculated the magnitude of the US response.
    • I finally finished the decking today.… I started to put the deck boards on yesterday whilst it was drizzling with rain and found out that I'd miscalculated the amount of boards I needed.
    • He miscalculated his support and underestimated the enemy.
    • Not only that, you will be astonished to learn, but it is miscalculated upward.
    • The military assessment now is that the U.S. miscalculated Iraqi tribal and religious loyalties and did not realize Iraqis are likely to fight only for their brethren.
    • The government signs up for Kyoto and miscalculates the costs.
    • Microsoft had miscalculated what the typical PC owner wanted.
    • The whole thing was miscalculated and mismanaged - a case of complete incompetence.
    • The two main reasons for high quotes are either he doesn't want the job or he's miscalculated.
    • Of course, in this particular case, they appear to have miscalculated the political impact as well.
    • No less did he miscalculate the effect on public opinion in Iran.
    • And now he is miscalculating America's response to his continued deceit and his consistent grasp for weapons of mass destruction.
    • It appears he miscalculated the scores and after checking with the media present declared that it was a draw after all.
    • The organisers of the French national lottery had miscalculated the odds, and if someone were to buy up all the tickets they would automatically make a huge profit.
    • As so often before, however, Louis XIV miscalculated how foreigners would view his actions.
    • They died because someone miscalculated the amount of time it would take for the car to cross the railroad tracks.
    • We have learned that the terrorists were wrong, that they miscalculated.

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    calcular mal