Traducción de miscast en Español:


Pronunciación /mɪsˈkɑːst//mɪsˈkæst/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (actor) darle un papel inapropiado a
    the play was hopelessly miscast la obra tenía un reparto muy poco acertado
    • And to think, these two horribly miscast actors are the bottom foundation to a three-sided love rendezvous that is supposed to make us feel like caring and having concern for the outcome of all these explosive events.
    • As I stated earlier, he is miscast here.
    • It is not his fault if Waugh's world view seeps too biliously through the pictures, or if one of the central actors has been drastically miscast.
    • Some people felt that Tom Hanks was miscast, but I thought he was dead-on, because it's a father and son story.
    • It's not that she's is a bad actress (she's solid in comedies and light dramas), but she's woefully miscast here.
    • He is not a bad actor, just thoroughly miscast.
    • There is nothing wrong with his performance, except that he is drastically miscast as a quiet mathematician.
    • It's not that he's miscast, or wrong for the film, but his thespian power transcends the material, making the meager work of others around him stand out even more.
    • Though I liked his ‘matador’ scene, he was really miscast, particularly in such a heavyweight lineup.
    • She has hitherto, in films and plays, always been miscast as the sweet, lovely ingénue.
    • It's not enough that they had to badly miscast this movie.
    • She is miscast as the semi-femme fatale.
    • A good actor with the right material, he is simply miscast and unconvincing as a predatory seducer.
    • Not a single member of the cast is miscast or acts poorly.
    • However, the two are woefully miscast, the script is terrible, and the result is a mind-numbingly boring mess.
    • He is woefully miscast here - he's supposed to be a hard-edged cop who has been pushed to despair by the failed sting at the opening of the picture.
    • She may or may not be miscast but she can't really be blamed for the farce that's imploding around her, and nor can anyone else.
    • There has always been a vicious edge to his performances, which is why he's miscast in romcoms and nice guy roles.
    • These people are badly miscast in the role of the vanguard of the world revolution.
    • However, while he doesn't embarrass himself, he is miscast.