Traducción de misjudge en Español:


juzgar mal, v.

Pronunciación /ˌmɪsˈdʒədʒ//mɪsˈdʒʌdʒ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (judge unfairly)
    juzgar mal
    you misjudge her if you think she will give up te equivocas si crees que se va a dar por vencida
    • It's good to be working in a more positive environment again and C.S. if you read this, my apologies for misjudging you.
    • Does it worry me knowing that we might similarly be misjudging North Korea?
    • We totally misjudged the political forces within the country.
    • Had I misjudged the general nature of the human?
    • Lily doubted he was serious, but just maybe she had misjudged him.
    • No, well I don't think that anybody's misjudged the Iraqi dictator and the brutality of the man.
    • I think the Bush supporters would say, well, maybe the Europeans are misjudging Bush the same way.
    • There is an anecdote in the most recent book about the Bush White House which neatly captures how Europeans misjudge the President, and why they are wrong to do so.
    • On reflection, I wonder if I've misjudged what he's been doing.
    • I'm sorry for misjudging you and jumping to conclusions.
    • Clearly, we thought The Corrs were a straight act, but it turns out we've been misjudging them: they've been a parody of The Nolans in the style of the Cranberries all along.
    • In any case, he clearly feels that his right-wing government is being gravely misjudged because of the leftwing historical bias being taught in schools.
    • You know, I may have misjudged what a great man and great president Ronald Reagan really was.
    • Putting all this together, I concluded that I've misjudged them.
    • His status as one of the most popular ‘conservative’ bloggers, though, made me wonder if I wasn't simply misjudging him.
    • Too many liberal and progressive activists misjudged the recall revolt and wound up on the wrong side of a populist tsunami.
    • ‘They misjudged the mood of the area and their ability to fight it (the plans),’ he said.
    • Public opinion misjudged the two most important wars fought by this country in the last century.
    • But is it just the far left that is badly misjudging this battle?
  • 2

    (time/distance/speed) calcular mal
    • At long distances, players often misjudge the speed of the receiver.
    • He'd completely misjudged my not inconsiderable speed, obviously.
    • They certainly surprised the press and broadcast media, which badly misjudged the public mood.
    • I should perhaps mention, from my own experience, that even an experienced novelist can seriously misjudge the length of a novel.
    • The eight-year-old tends to trip often, misjudge space and bangs into things and is not comfortable climbing stairs.
    • I'd imagine this directly kills dozens of people every year who get the dosage wrong or misjudge the breaking strain of a rope.
    • But still, Taiwan should never discount the possibility that China might misjudge the situation.
    • Instead, she reaches out for David's shoulder but misjudges the distance.
    • He said that drivers that have been ‘driving for decades have a tendency of being overconfident’ on the road, often causing them to misjudge certain conditions and causing serious accidents.
    • She jumped off the swing to stand before him, but she misjudged her footing and tripped over her long skirts to fall flat on her face.
    • One of the NHL's biggest mistakes was misjudging the size and marketability of potential NHL cities.
    • A batsman gives it away by playing a rash shot, or misjudging the line and length, or playing the wrong shot.
    • Halfway down, he realised he had seriously misjudged the time.
    • Seriously misjudging the popular mood in Spain, Napoleon, with a mixture of intrigue and brute force, sought to remove the Bourbons and replace them with one of his brothers.
    • Since the apparent size of the creature depends on how fur away it is, then mistaking either the distance or size will result in misjudging the other accordingly.
    • I felt slightly stung, as though I'd completely misjudged the previous caliber of the story.
    • I must have misjudged the distance, or the speed of the ball.
    • He misjudged the distance between him and a chair, as he stumbled over it.
    • He gets the feeling that he has misjudged the whole situation entirely.