Traducción de misplaced en Español:


Pronunciación /mɪsˈpleɪst//mɪsˈpleɪst/


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    (confidence) depositado en quien no lo merece
    (enthusiasm) que no viene al caso
    her trust in him was evidently misplaced estaba claro que se había equivocado al confiar en él
    • While this misplaced loyalty may be admirable, it's a big financial mistake.
    • They are still nurturing misplaced nostalgia for the Clinton years and the false hope that if they just keep their mouths shut, the country will yearn for their return.
    • The critical venom is almost enough to stir misplaced feelings of cultural loyalty and ties of kinship in even the hardest black heart.
    • Football hooliganism is not about football, or booze, or misplaced passion.
    • He left her standing in long grass at the edge of the road; her disappointment in him, no doubt, mirroring his misplaced hope in her.
    • I found myself experiencing those same misplaced feelings of utter sophistication.
    • The tragedy is that his emotions are so misplaced.
    • However, the State authorities argue that the apprehensions are misplaced and misguided.
    • This culture of misplaced loyalty has become so ingrained in our national psyche that in offices across the country staff are engaged in a battle to see who can stay the latest or arrive the earliest.
    • One of the things that always makes me suspicious about alleged public fibs is misplaced outrage.
    • One of the points I kept trying to make this week, and again, nobody cares, but, is that we have what I would call misplaced outrage.
    • At least if their hateful, despicable views are aired they can be seen publicly for the idiots they are, but if suppressed they feed on fear and misplaced anger and that's how they grow.
    • This precipitates spirals of misery, anger, and misplaced rage, as they blame society as a whole for their shortcomings.
    • Not all anger is misplaced, and often it's a healthy, natural response to these difficulties.
    • Now don't get me wrong, not all of her affection was misplaced.
    • And the film manages to capture the painful glory of first love, misplaced love and the temptations of sex over true affection, with a brave and uplifting ending.
    • They are to be pitied, for they are so blinded by their misplaced rage and fear that they no longer know what they stand for or how to make a stand at all.
    • Yet, there are times when I wonder if my love is misplaced, if I should temper my affection.
    • For the first few days I had those misplaced emotions of gratitude and pity.
    • Many members are fed up with being told they are fools, and the resentment it creates increasingly finds expression in a subcurrent of misplaced nostalgia for old Labour.