Traducción de misprint en Español:


errata, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɪsprɪnt//ˈmɪsprɪnt/


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    errata femenino
    error de imprenta masculino
    • The book itself is handsomely presented, but surprisingly for a BBC publication, contains quite a few misprints and typos.
    • The editing is splendid except for an inordinate number of misprints, especially in proper names and in foreign words.
    • I used to be able to read the Guardian and not spot the misprints.
    • The proof of this result is correct, but this is one of two places in the book where there are undefined terms and confusing misprints.
    • Yet my scorecard is riddled with misprints.
    • Sure, White's career stats almost look like a misprint.
    • Some computer-set examples are badly spaced, and examples taken from published editions have not been checked for obvious misprints.
    • Most of the misprints involve missing auxiliary symbols.
    • The coded form of instructions for the developmental process is, like the written word, subject to misprints when it is reproduced.
    • I noticed very few misprints or other mistakes.
    • The word ‘rotter’ did not appear in my letter, it is either a misprint, or interpretation by the printers.
    • Some are full of misprints, errors and inappropriacies; others can stand comparison with imported texts.
    • In that case, however, there are misprints in his entries 10 and 13.
    • The rest of the volume sets out to prove that dictum, invoking misprints and failed corrections as emblems for how people think and how the world makes of itself a kind of accidental sense.
    • The present bibliography intends to provide a comprehensive reference guide to the publications dealing with Shakespeare on television, updating and revising misprints and inaccuracies in previous bibliographies.
    • Publishers seem more alive to comments about misprints, price and design than they are to the scholarly purposes served by reviews.
    • Their copyist also annotated the printed pages of the partbooks in a neat, careful hand, correcting some of its many misprints.
    • A number of misprints and proof reading errors are present which could have been avoided.
    • A small observation: I did not detect any misprints.