Traducción de misshapen en Español:


deforme, adj.

Pronunciación /mɪsˈʃeɪpən//mɪsˈʃeɪp(ə)n/


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    the hunchback's misshapen form el cuerpo contrahecho del jorobado
    • Her timbers are swollen and misshapen; repeated doses of chemicals are being applied to stave off the encroaching rot.
    • What little hair remained on its head was ragged and clumped, and the nose was bent and misshapen.
    • Lifting up her hand, she points to the misshapen fingers and peeling skin.
    • I will probably use this for a box top, though it's a little misshapen for that.
    • A kaleidoscope of bizarre images and misshapen faces danced before him.
    • The syndrome, which leads to a deformed or misshapen head, is caused when a baby's head is in contact with a firm surface for lengthy periods.
    • It is a sad and embarrassing moment as the valuable and custom-cut marble stands misshapen.
    • These pack-houses have machines which grade for size and conveyor lines where people pick out misshapen and damaged produce.
    • All we had to sell were some misshapen muffins and half-baked brownies.
    • However, nothing is more frustrating after so much effort than seeing misshapen or rotten fruits on the vines.
    • His nose was a little misshapen and he winced as he moved his jaw.
    • Both are huge, to match my misshapen face I suppose.
    • In amazement, Ms. K looks at the misshapen creatures surrounded by tufts of shaggy hair.
    • Check it out in another 20 years and the likelihood is that it will be misshapen and deformed.
    • Also in the glass case was a small laptop computer, destroyed, misshapen but still recognisable.
    • Promptly recycle any containers that are scratched, stained, or misshapen.
    • The fruits are misshapen and unnatural looking, a kind of elephantine mutation of, say, cherries.
    • Frogs found in the vicinity of the refuge's oil fields had missing or misshapen hind legs and feet, and missing eyes.
    • Severe arthritis has left his joints swollen and misshapen.
    • She thinks her own legs are small, bandy, nearly misshapen.