Traducción de missing en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈmɪsɪŋ//ˈmɪsɪŋ/


  • 1

    the missing papers haven't turned up yet los papeles que faltaban no han aparecido todavía
    • the missing link el eslabón perdido
    • he was registered as a missing person estaba en la lista de desaparecidos
    • missing in action desaparecido en acción
    • missing, presumed dead desaparecido, dado por muerto
    • to be missing faltar
    • one of the coins is missing falta una de las monedas
    • how long has he been missing? ¿cuánto hace que desapareció?
    • to go missing desaparecer
    • The three-year-old bearded collie uses his keen sense of smell to sniff out missing people.
    • The children's mother had reported them missing to police on Wednesday.
    • But detectives said it was too early to speculate on the man's identity and were also checking all other missing people reports.
    • There is no suggestion of criminal activity and it is very much a routine missing persons inquiry.
    • There is still a search out for any information that can lead to the whereabouts of the missing student.
    • Experts tell us that with missing persons cases, the more that time elapses, the colder the case becomes.
    • Sixteen unsolved murders and four missing women are enough.
    • The dogs carry out routine work at football matches and on patrol as well as being called to emergencies to help find missing people or runaway criminals.
    • The team are not only involved in rescues in upland areas, but much time is also spent on searching for missing persons in lowland and coastal areas.
    • The media can certainly help, and they can help find missing people.
    • They have a very different attitude towards missing people.
    • They handle the majority of these kinds of cases that we get with missing persons and so forth.
    • But what about the other part of this story, the missing intern?
    • It is not like the usual missing person, where we do not know what has happened.
    • Yet, in this passage, Mary speaks to Jesus of their anxiety when they discovered him missing.
    • For the pain will be there as long as we have missing people who are unaccounted for.
    • Previously officers have practiced skills used to search for missing persons.
    • Police have appealed for information about two teenage girls who went missing last weekend.
    • There followed ‘one of the largest and most public missing persons inquiries that has ever taken place in this country’.
    • But is this story worth all that extra space that other missing people do not get?
  • 2

    that violin has two strings missing a ese violín le faltan dos cuerdas
    • fill in the missing letters in the spaces provided rellena los espacios con las letras que faltan
    • Is there anything missing from our website that you'd like to see?
    • James had once been an excellent swimmer and, despite his missing limb, was still able to paddle about quite proficiently.
    • The one thing that is obviously missing from the wreck is any sign of a propshaft or propshaft tunnel.
    • If you rise a little at the end of the companionway you can see that the roof of the engine room is missing, giving you an even better view.
    • The engine and generator are missing but when they are replaced they will use diesel and not petrol as fuel.
    • I'm expecting Jason to rupture a blood vessel over the missing apostrophe there.
    • This charisma factor is definitely missing from the rest of the cast.
    • The boiler and engine were missing, presumably salvaged many years ago.
    • First the car: although there have been few causes for complaint since the new Mini came on the market, the one thing missing until now was a diesel engine.
    • But when I awoke early next morning, the city seemed quiet, almost leaden, and the daily traffic jam was missing.
    • Daniel was born with one of his heart valves missing and had to undergo emergency surgery twice before the age of five.
    • They culled stem cells from the marrow and mixed them with a harmless virus in which a gene that makes the missing protein had been inserted.
    • Nothing is going to prevent cable freeze-up if a rubber boot meant to keep water out of a parking brake cable is missing.
    • When it was examined it was found to have a hole by the wheel stud and a section of the brake disk missing.
    • The voice of youth is notably missing from most discussions of uniforms.