Traducción de misty en Español:


neblinoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmɪsti//ˈmɪsti/

adjetivomistier, mistiest

  • 1

    (with light fog)
    it's misty (it's drizzling) está lloviznando EEUU
    • In the mountains rain fell, misty gray, feeding clear streams that ran in the bottoms of canyons.
    • The air was misty with rain and a few drops had begun to fall.
    • Aboard the covered harvest wagons, out of the misty air, we wind our way past fields of broccoli, kale and parsley, and stop in the tomato patch.
    • The misty air felt cool to the touch, giving off that ‘just out of a steamy shower’ look.
    • When he thought the coast was clear, he slipped out of the cave into the misty air.
    • The sounds of the Sea are nearly gone, and all he can really hear are the strange noises in the misty air around him.
    • She makes sure everyone is ready then starts to ride off, into the misty gray air.
    • The early morning sun rose into the sky, its beauty and gracefulness covered by a misty haze and leftover plumes of gun smoke.
    • But they were denied seeing the sun rise at 4.58 as misty skies kept cover on the longest day of the year.
    • Outside, the air is hot and misty - the look of an evening touched by summer rain.
    • She looked up at the gray clouds, the fine, misty raindrops dusting her face with dampness.
    • And we are over her looking at the blue of the ocean and the misty white cloud cover and the white polar caps.
    • My breath could be seen in the misty and rainy air.
    • So, she wiped away the misty fog covering the driver side window.
    • It had rained a bit last night and the air was foggy and misty.
    • The sky above them became misty and gray clouds seemed to dawn over them like a wool blanket.
    • As misty rain fell in patches, Clarke was quick to slide forward, back or sideways, and lofted the ball fearlessly.
    • Maybury took advantage of their weak expectations for this and arranged an air raid on London, one misty, rainy night.
    • She looked back upwards and saw, in the misty smoke above her, that Lance was absent now.
    • She blew a smoke ring and contemplated it as it hovered in the still air like a misty halo before dissipating.
  • 2

    (glasses/mirror) empañado
  • 3

    (eyes) empañado
    (eyes) lloroso
    • The visit ended with misty eyes all around and relieved hugs.
    • The blood from this young soldier's forehead intersects the salty tears coming from his misty eyes.
    • Christmas, my colleagues with young families tell me through misty eyes, is for the kids.
    • Kareen stopped, gazing at her sister with misty eyes.
    • It was beautiful and it had light blue, misty eyes.
    • With a sad smile and misty eyes, she shook the visions from her.
    • Alexis ended the embrace while swiping at her misty eyes.
    • I wonder why he frets so much, why his eyes are misty.
    • Reluctantly, he pulled away from her and glanced into her misty eyes.
    • But, at least a couple of them lost control over their emotions and let their distress reflect in their choked voices and misty eyes.
    • And for possibly the first time, surely only the second, misty eyes and kisses were part of the announcement.
    • Peeking open a misty eye, she caught the site of the moon hanging overhead and it gave her more comfort than she could have guessed.
    • I gazed up at him and noticed his eyes were misty.
    • Nicola stood on the deck, her misty eyes scanning the horizon.
    • Her eyes became misty, her vision blurred and thoughts began clashing her mind, but she wouldn't cry.
    • She locked her tired, misty eyes with his and immediately looked away.
    • At that point, he looked up at me with misty eyes.
    • For now, dry your misty eyes, and keep them focused on the road ahead.
    • Her eyes were misty, clouded over from cataracts.
    • Her grey eyes were misty as tears began to gather within them.
  • 4

    (recollection) borroso
    (recollection) vago
    (outline) borroso
    (outline) difuso
    • Rooms for feminine use look pretty and romantic in lacy textures or soft, out-of-focus florals in misty tones.
    • As if I were sinless and everything that had happened in the past few months was just a misty memory, of little importance.
    • What happened around her after his death was stuck in her mind like a misty memory, which she could not and did not want to remember.
    • We have this misty, murky indistinct reason for being there.
    • Suddenly there was a promising smudge on the horizon, which quickly resolved itself into a misty outline familiar from many a Turner painting.
    • Not to jar anyone's misty, watercoloured memories, but not every one of her films was well-regarded, even during her heyday.
    • Her visage set against the wide expanse of the stars like the faded misty memory of a dream.
    • This article is accompanied by a misty photo of the heritage building, pre-fire, in tourist-free solitary splendour.
    • When he looked into her dark eyes he'd felt his throat tighten and several misty memories slowly fade into being.
    • And when she stood up to autograph a huge blow-up of herself, a collective sigh went up, fogging the well-polished windows and obscuring the already misty view.
    • In his latest film, he evokes the lost glamour of the Jazz Age, blurring lines until the image seems to recede into misty memories.
    • And like the Holy Roman Empire it becomes a ghost, a sham, a memory, a misty nothing.
    • We emerge from the woods and climb Fawcet Hill to get our first views of Lindisfarne Island, with the misty outlines of its castle and priory an inspiring sight that hastens us to the coast.
    • His surfaces have a soft, misty quality, and the tooth of the thick linen remains visible.