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mezcla, n.

Pronunciación /mɪks//mɪks/


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    mezcla femenino
    • Here all this and the worst political and cultural extremism were combined in a violent mix of hatred and cold, calculated conception.
    • The tour is a fascinating mix of anecdotal and historical stories combined with well-presented factual information.
    • Like all successful teams they have realised that you must have a mix of quality and commitment as one without the other is no good.
    • The children were fascinated as she laced her stories with a fascinating mix of humour, folklore and common sense.
    • For a mild mix, combine familiar types of leaf lettuce with greens such as mizuna, purslane, mache and chervil.
    • The exciting new show promises an entertaining mix of chat combined with today's top chart hits.
    • Her hair was a fascinating mix of dark brown and light brown and her skin was pale brown.
    • His blog is a fascinating mix of opinion, fact and fantasy.
    • Once again, he has appeased the demands of aficionados by gathering a fascinating mix of artists in the city this week.
    • This could be a fascinating mix of open-access cable television, internet newsgroups, peer-to-peer networks and rich media we have yet to imagine.
    • One of these also included room for participants to comment, relying on a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods.
    • He has put together a squad full of quality with a good mix of youth and experience, and foreign and homegrown players.
    • The three-storey building combines a spectacular mix of mid 20th-century Chinese and Western architectural styles.
    • There's a varied mix of maps in different formats.
    • What gets linked would be at the host's discretion - hopefully a nice mix of quality patient stories, science news, and policy points.
    • I think I've got a fair mix of ages and qualities.
    • She argues that true leadership involves a mix of inherent qualities, such as creativity and personal effectiveness skills such as good communication.
    • They combine a rich mix of styles and colours to form a unique, well-travelled look.
    • What was interesting to me, in this unit that was getting ready to deploy, this was a different mix of soldiers than fought the war.
    • Most chemicals can be combined in a mix of water, seed, and fertilizer, although some manufacturers recommend separate application.
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    mezcla femenino
    cake mix preparado comercial para hacer pasteles
    • The book assumes that most birthday cake makers will use a commercial cake mix.
    • One female member was heard to say that she could bake cake mix too if she had a new stove, to which her husband had replied that he'd buy her a whole new kitchen if she'd turn out cake like that.
    • Commercially prepared mixes of ascorbic and citric acid are seasonally available among canners' supplies in supermarkets.
    • Whip up cake mix according to package directions, and pour batter into pans (use leftover batter for cupcakes).
    • Many dry-packaged products, such as instant drinks, dessert mixes and soup bases, use it to enhance the shelf life of flavors.
    • In today's consumerist culture, shoppers prefer to buy convenience foods such as ready-to-eat mixes and processed foods to match their hectic lifestyles.
    • Combine all ingredients, except cornflour mix, and cook over medium heat until it simmers.
    • These are the big peanuts found in snack foods and trail mixes; they also are often sold as freshly roasted peanuts.
    • But on reading the ingredients of a cake mix, I realise now I would never want to.
    • Not that the business is entirely against the use of mixes and other prepared ingredients.
    • Around most fields, three and six metre margins and areas seeded with special wildflower or pollen mixes provide food for invertebrates and birds.
    • Concrete mixes for theme coats are like those used for stucco.
    • The most important ingredient in the vitamin mix is the emulsifier, which is considered the processing aid ingredient and is not reported on the milk bottle label.
    • According to the magazine, sales of flour and bread and cake mixes have rocketed by 14% in the past year.
    • Our food mixes make a quick, easy and delicious meal that is perfect for the camp or home.
    • Often, bodybuilders will substitute diet sodas and powdered drink mixes with artificial sweeteners to avoid sugar calories.
    • They also package and sell a variety of dried foods and prepared mixes at the restaurant.
    • The dragon teeth stepping stones are entirely optional - you could pour them on site with a hypertufa concrete mix.
    • The use of admixtures doesn't play a large part in concrete mixes for tilt-up construction.
    • Clute advises adding items like soup mix packets, granola, bulk-bin pastas and pudding mixes to the pack.
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    mezcla femenino
    • Demos, mixes and live tracks are spread out across the four albums, which are packaged to look like the original vinyl releases.
    • I've just heard a dance mix of it on the radio.
    • Maybe someone decides to rant about the snare drum mix on a particular track from 1973 for no other reason than it irritated them at that precise moment.
    • The clip is included among the feast of DVD extras, alternative mixes and live recordings that accompany this multimedia anniversary edition.
    • The choice of track sequence and final mix was left to others.
    • This release sees the addition, not only of the rare mono mix but the tracks recorded for her first solo outing, with the band backing her.
    • This is largely because dance mix albums have come to be seen as yet another means for DJs to squeeze cash out of hapless clubbers.
    • Instead of the fast dance mix, which had been blasting from the speakers for most of the night a slow ballad hummed its tune through the chilly night air.
    • All of these posthumous releases have nothing new to offer - how many times can you listen to a slightly different mix of that tune recorded in 1968?
    • Stuffed to the gills with demos, home-recordings, live versions and unusual mixes, you'll find all of your favourites here, but often in wildly different guises.
    • Otherwise, all three of these sound mixes are identical to one another.
    • Mixing adds a twist to the theme by compiling a selection of remixes the collective have undertaken for others, along with a handful of new and alternative mixes of their own recordings.
    • Sarah and Jay were dancing some sort of hip-hop/break dance/jazz mix.
    • Accompanying James' unorthodox choreography is a stream of video images and an audio mix that includes a sitcom laugh track, a bingo caller and barnyard animals.
    • Yet another competition, this time in the form of a tribute to the tedium of the fully extended dance mix.
    • The EP comes with two mixes of this track: one suitable for the couch and the other for the dance floor.
    • Here we find some of the remixes that upstaged the originals, as well as alternate mixes of tracks that many never heard.
    • This EP contains about 6 original tunes on it, a couple being mixes over previous tracks.
    • These are two very different audio mixes (the older track fast and furious, the new one with a deliberate, pained vocal and wailing guitar).
    • The song switched from some rowdy dance mix, to a very slow and achingly sweet song.
    • Far from marking any new direction, it is a retrospective, scattershot double CD of unreleased tracks, alternate mixes and rare B-sides.

verbo transitivo

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    (ingredients/paint) mezclar
    (amalgam/plaster) preparar
    (cocktail) preparar
    to mix sth in añadir / incorporar algo
    • to mix sth into sth mezclar algo con algo
    • mix together the flour and the eggs mezclar la harina con los huevos
    • to mix sth with sth mezclar algo con algo
    • Each of the ingredients in the concrete, the proportions of those ingredients, and how the concrete is mixed, placed, and finished all affect the outcome.
    • Special composts are made from several types of manure, which are mixed together and buried in the soil for up to six months.
    • Epoxies come in a two-part formula of catalyst and hardener, and must be mixed together in equal portions to form an adhesive.
    • The meat mix and the dry mix are mixed together inside the extruder forming a complete mix.
    • Never before has so much concrete been mixed and poured in such a small place.
    • Silanes and siloxanes can also be mixed together to make a sealer that both penetrates deeper and fills larger void spaces.
    • Prior to that time, particles of energy, photons, and particles of matter, protons and electrons, were all mixed together in a kind of hot primordial soup.
    • When chemicals that are capable of reacting with each other are mixed together, a reaction ensues and product is produced.
    • It was a chemical reaction, the kind when you mix two substances that aren't supposed to be mixed together.
    • Substances are mixed with all sorts of things to give them bulk and sell for triple the price.
    • Depending on the type of puri being made, the flour is mixed with a small amount of oil or ghee and warm water to make a dough that is then kneaded.
    • Songs, arias, and operatic scenes are mixed together, and that works well too.
    • Once everything was mixed together, I turned the dough onto a floured surface and kneaded it.
    • For a large number of players, say 8 or more, two 52 packs can be mixed together.
    • They all look the same, and all smell as if seventeen different mechanical lubricants had been mixed together.
    • It is made from solid concrete that is mixed at the right percentages to make it heat resistant.
    • A preparation of foot-hardening-stuff was mixed up and the sheep's foot bathed in it.
    • In terms of longevity, prepare to purchase and mix new developer about every five years or so.
    • Each day she studied its scarred walls and empty windows and watched the men at work as they mixed wet concrete in barrows and hauled boards up to the roof.
    • As a second step, these natural cheeses are mixed with emulsifying agents into a homogeneous mass.
    • Mostly these are 2 part developers, which are mixed together and diluted for use.
    • Three schools of new grade sevens would be mixed together in five classes.
    • The project will take some time, but children love to muck in, helping mix concrete and move blocks.
    • These were the days when concrete was mixed on site, and it was wheeled about in rickshaws - double sized wheelbarrows full of liquid concrete.
    • Once you have the correct ingredients, mixing the perfect cocktail is easy.
    • But biotech drugs can't be made by mixing a recipe of ingredients A, B, and C.
    • All the colours are able to be mixed together with the aim of impacting on viewers as in inspired art.
    • Many flavors are mixed together in this meal and many smells from the environment, such as a campfire, strong coffee, fresh air, help enrich them.
    • The samples from within each prairie were combined and mixed together for analysis.
    • When enough of each of the ingredients in pure form are mixed together, the results are deadly.
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    (sound/record) mezclar
    • Jazz is the real music and here's this cool idea mixing old jazz vocalists' performances with the hip new sounds of today.
    • At work, they ensure I can accurately edit and mix podcasts developed by students.
    • Not only was the album well recorded and mixed, but the music was a great combination of simple lyrics and catchy phrases with some excellent guitar work.
    • This very aggressive and well mixed soundtrack is free and clear of any hiss or distortion.
    • A danceable cumbia or salsa track is mixed with other sounds, everything from electronica to rap.
    • He said that if he mixed the record we would get dropped.
    • Audience tracks were then mixed in stereo for the TV broadcast.
    • He was a disc jockey mixing music tracks for his local state college's radio station this time last year.
    • I did a rough mix the night we cut it, and then I spent four days chasing that mix when we mixed the album later and I never could beat that first one.
    • That was one of theirs… in fact Jeff mixed the entire album under a pseudonym.
    • In the past most live recordings mix the audience sounds way down, then back up between numbers.
    • In live performance, he mixes prerecorded tracks and processes them through sound effects.
    • The soundtrack was mixed very will with no distortion present.
    • In those days, records were mixed and put on the air in short order.
    • How he came to produce and mix the soundtrack for the film, however, is a story in itself.
    • But, at the same time, the track is mixed loudly - making one wonder whether this is supposed to be pleasant or irritating.
    • An accomplishment any musician would admire, she played all the instruments, sang lead and backing vocals, then independently recorded and mixed the album.
    • We have most of their album recorded and mixed, but we're looking for the hot single.
    • The soundtrack uses field recordings mixed with other found sounds, like the sounds of elephants roaring and snippets of Arabic and Israeli pop music.
    • We only had a few days' time to record, overdub and mix three songs.
    • The transmitter mixes the signal with some strong radio signals called carrier waves.
    • That came up later when the album was being mixed at the end of the year.
    • I was surprised because we had hired him to just mix a couple of tracks for radio.
    • We had already put a fair amount of production into the songs so he was there to be an engineer, to mix the record.

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    (substances) mezclarse
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    (go together)
    (foods/colors) combinar (bien)
    • Dust and mist mixed in the air about him, creating a slight haze, blocking out the light.
    • One of the biggest fears is that the two different sea waters would not mix, creating a Red Sea level on top of the Dead Sea.
    • This explains why, in a closed system, 2 gases will always mix despite the fact that no heat may be exchanged.
    • Problems will also arise if too much water mixes with the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, or antifreeze.
    • The water comes back to ground at lower latitudes as deposits of frost or snow mixed generously with dust.
    • You will notice that you use fewer drops of essential oil for perfumes; this is because the essential oils don't mix as well with water and alcohol as they do with carrier oils.
    • Water and oil don't mix because they are two different kinds of molecules.
    • Protein foods do not mix well with fruit, the fruit undermines the digestion of the protein.
    • Oil and water do not mix because they are fundamentally different substances, not only in their obvious characteristics but also on a molecular scale.
    • ‘In this instance, a wet cloth makes no difference, as oil and water don't mix,’ says Maguire.
    • Another type of explosion can happen when very fine powders or dust mixes with air in an enclosed space.
    • Coming up next, oil and water don't mix but oil and politics are certainly another matter.
    • But add soap and all the dirt can mix with the water and be removed.
    • When some of the minerals mix with the carbon, the diamond takes some other color in it.
    • Scientists showed that, contrary to an old axiom, water and oil do mix - under certain conditions.
    • These gases mix with ground water and emerge around springs.
    • We had completely forgotten that his anti-depressants couldn't mix with the alcohol.
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    she doesn't mix well at parties le cuesta entablar conversación con la gente en una reunión
    • to mix with sb tratarse con algn