Traducción de mixed doubles en Español:

mixed doubles

dobles mixtos, n.


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    dobles mixtos masculino
    • Perhaps a mixed doubles tournament would be a better choice for promotion.
    • The super tiebreak system - in which the winner is the first to score 10 points - is being employed in the mixed doubles for the second year.
    • She is also a former Wimbledon champion, winning both the women's doubles and mixed doubles competitions.
    • She claimed a tour-high seven women's doubles titles, as well as the Australian Open and Wimbledon mixed doubles crowns.
    • While the three-day competition saw the domination of the Malaysian men, the women's doubles and mixed doubles titles were captured by Singapore.
    • Two out of three mixed doubles matches extended right into three games, keeping both teams on their toes.
    • She is currently No. 1 womens and mixed doubles badminton player, and has gained twenty caps so far.
    • She retired in 1997 with 14 singles, 20 doubles and three mixed doubles championship wins.
    • The championship will include team events, singles and mixed doubles.
    • The singles events each have 64 entrants and the doubles 32-there is no mixed doubles tournament.
    • The result was not known till the final match, the number 1 mixed doubles.
    • Wimbledon fortnight is here, and so are mixed doubles on the grass of York.
    • Due to international commitments only one match was possible in the mixed doubles this week.
    • It also holds monthly American tournaments, which involves mixed doubles games where players draw for a partner.
    • One burst of centre court rain and you're propelled into a pre-recorded broadcast of that morning's mixed doubles first round from a court so far from the crowds it's barely in London.
    • The two have paired together at Wimbledon in the mixed doubles competition.
    • This did not bode well for the mixed doubles tournament on Wednesday.
    • Which British pair won silver in the Olympic badminton mixed doubles?
    • OK, so she plays a mean game of mixed doubles, but her singles form recently has been awful.
    • The format for the knockout competition consisted of four singles matches, a boys and girls doubles game and two mixed doubles match ups.