Traducción de mixture en Español:


mezcla, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɪkstʃə//ˈmɪkstʃər/


  • 1

    (of diverse things)
    mezcla femenino
    • What is unique is that we have a mixture of two elements - we have got different ritual activity but we have got burials as well.
    • On the other hand, a sample drawn from a subdivided population is expected to contain a mixture of individuals from different subpopulations.
    • The place's decor was a mixture of different shades of brown painted in swirls all over.
    • I think very few people will agree with this list because it's so democratic, there a mixture of so many different genres of films in there.
    • It is also difficult to sell gasoline into the U.S. market because the U.S. has something like four dozen different formulas, mixtures or blends for gasoline, and it confuses the seller.
    • A reproduction of the original Brussels weave carpet covers the floors and a mixture of objects of different styles and epochs furnish the room.
    • It is a mixture of black and different shades of gold.
    • I think that the truth is that it is a mixture of different elements.
    • Usually these programs are made up from a mixture of four components: awareness, feedback, cognitive change, and skills training.
    • Gone are the days when the neighborhood was a mixture of different facades and you could tell one friend's house from another.
    • We examined a mixture of elements from the same subfamily and from different subfamilies.
    • The cacophony resonating along the pavements is a mixture of a dozen different languages, revving motor engines and a confusing blend of music from all over Africa.
    • The solution has been a mixture of several components.
    • In his view the post-modern is a mixture of different influences, artistic expressions and cultural practices.
    • Pirates is a mixture of two distinct elements: land-based adventure and sea-based combat.
    • The plan recommends that new developments should include a mixture of different types of houses, apartments and town houses.
    • Other categories of wines that are a mixture of different regions and vintages belong to the table-type wines.
    • Accurate acreage assessment is difficult because so many of the old Italian vineyards were planted with a mixture of different varieties.
    • The trees will make way for the enlargement of the community recreation ground and are to be replaced with a mixture of different varieties elsewhere within the park.
    • Third, make combination plantings, which include a mixture of different species of shrubs and trees.
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    mezcla femenino
    • After 5 hours of heliox therapy, she was returned to breathing a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.
    • The next, and penultimate, course was manzana peppers stuffed with a mixture of ground meat.
    • They can be taken in a mixture of several together or as single substances.
    • It is a mixture of fatty substances linked to proteins, the main ingredient being dipalmitoyl lecithin.
    • The gas is reached by pumping a mixture of water, sand and foam into the coal, which then cracks.
    • While the machine is running, add 4-5 teaspoons of cold water and let the mixture come together to make a firm dough.
    • Most rods are made from hollow tapering tubes from a mixture of carbon and glass fibres bonded by a resin.
    • They are made either from a pasta dough or from a mixture of potato flour and wheat flour, or from semolina or maize.
    • Melt the garlic in a mixture of olive oil and butter with salt and pepper.
    • The master's meal consisted of a loaf of bread stuffed with a mixture of meat and vegetables, and his glass was filled with wine.
    • When her efforts continued for almost three hours and her strength began flagging, vets finally decided to prepare a mixture of water and medication to assist the rest of the birth.
    • They used a mixture of cake gelatine, powdered sugar, food colouring and permitted flavours, to create flat ‘sheets’.
    • White gold, which is a mixture of gold, silver, copper and palladium, is now considered to be more trendy than real gold.
    • Chang describes silver clay as a mixture of pure silver powder, water and glue.
    • The lemon sauce was a mixture of butter and lemon.
    • Molten glass, which is basically a mixture of sand, ash and lime, is held at a temperature of 1,120 Celsius within a furnace.
    • When these small sachets containing a mixture of sugar and salt are dissolved in water they are quite simply a lifesaver for children who have lost vital body fluids.
    • Raw fish, called ika, is marinated in lemon juice or a mixture of vinegar, oil, and salt and served with chopped onion and coconut cream.
    • Sitting in the corner of the tank room is a new wooden box that contains about 3,800 litres of a nasty liquid made from a mixture of formalin and salt water.
    • Most soils are a mixture of clay, sand, and loam.
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    preparado masculino
    mixtura femenino anticuado