Traducción de moan en Español:


gemir, v.

Pronunciación /məʊn//moʊn/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (with pain, grief)
    the wind was moaning in the chimney/the trees el viento gemía en la chimenea/entre los árboles literario
    • When she finally awoke she moaned in pleasure rubbing her face against her soft pillow and gripping another pillow in her arms tightly.
    • The mash had just the right amount of truffle oil and a general richness to make you moan with pleasure and the gravy was unbelievable.
    • She's staggering under the weight, moaning and weeping and acting scared.
    • Rapid eye movement is at all times detected, and occasionally the patient will moan, even scream during his rest.
    • I headed out to the grocery store to buy a crate of limes while the crew was laid out on infirmary cots in the garage, moaning over their painful open sores.
    • In the distances he could hear moaning and wailing.
    • She moaned with pleasure she felt so resigned to him.
    • I peeked open my eyes, moaning at the bright light my room was filled with.
    • His voice moaned and wailed, expressing the deepest sorrows of a condemned sinner.
    • Robbie moaned as he opened one of his massive text books.
    • Panforte, panettone and nougat to drool over and an Italian wine list to make oenophiles moan with pleasure.
    • I gently nudged him with my elbow until he moaned and opened his right eye.
    • I don't think a web site has actually made me physically moan with anticipation and pleasure before now.
    • Hundreds of Shiite worshippers, weeping and moaning in grief, beat their chests in mourning.
    • For a minute she was angry - to weep and wail and moan at a time like this, when the true victims needed to live on borrowed strength for a while.
    • She was on the back, the pain so fierce that she moaned.
    • I moaned, opened my eyes and found myself lying on my back at the foot of a large tree.
    • As he fell and rolled on the ground he moaned and groaned.
    • Soldiers still moaned from within the human compost, most begging for water or death.
  • 2Britanico despectivo

    to moan about sth quejarse de algo
    • moan, moan, moan, that's all you ever do quejarte y quejarte, eso es lo único que sabes hacer
    • she's a moaning minnie es una llorona

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    decir gimiendo


  • 1

    (of pain, grief, pleasure)
    gemido masculino
    • I was riding a bike. The fear was still there, coming out of me in a low moan.
    • At first he thought it was a moan of pleasure, and he'd pulled her closer to him.
    • There was a moment of deadly calm before people began to move, soft moans of pain from all around.
    • Picking up his chopsticks eagerly, he took a bite and gave a low moan of pleasure at its delicious taste.
    • It's very funny, but the camera slowly slides into the next apartment and we realize that the moans aren't sexual ecstasy but horrific pain.
    • His ears began to twitch when they picked up the sound of a soft moan coming from within the rubble.
    • The shrieks soon became moans and the moans yelps and the yelps intermittent sobbing, and only after an unimaginable amount of time did the sobbing become silence.
    • When she whispered this Jake let out a low moan as he suddenly felt a white hot pain in his stomach.
    • She blinked a few times, slowly becoming aware of the figure she still clutched to on her left, and a soft moan of pain at her right.
    • She gave out a low moan, the only sound she could currently force out of her throat, and attempted to raise her hands to massage her throbbing temples.
    • Her hands clutched feebly around the silky pillowcase and her parched throat just barely managed to utter a low pain filled moan.
    • The one that had stirred seemed to struggle through a haze to sit up, and finally succeeding, with a low moan of pain.
    • Until I heard a soft moan and the sound of fabric rustling.
    • They all were having nightmares and the mental sound of moans and groans rang out in everyone's mind.
    • I could hear her making very subtle moans of pleasure.
    • There were farther off sections dedicated to suit the reader's tastes more efficiently, a whole block of gothic and horrifying tales were emitting soft moans and howls.
    • They both let out soft moans as waves of pleasure coursed through their bodies.
    • The figure in there stirred slightly, a low moan sounding.
    • Her soft moans of pleasure were a welcome sound to his ears as his lips
    • And these are not the howls and moans commonly associated with the cinematic representation of sexual pleasure.
  • 2Britanico coloquial

    (no plural) queja femenino
    to have a moan about sth quejarse de algo
    • There were the obligatory moans and groans from the entire class.
    • They need to be controlled, irrespective of the moans and groans from those motorists who want to drive where they want at the speed they want.
    • And now the moans and groans of the over 50s has been given an airing in a survey.
    • Can we have more imaginative and creative solutions to this problem rather than moans and groans?
    • There have been moans and groans about the conditions in the cells but we have a responsibility to keep them to Home Office guidelines.
    • I can understand their moans and groans about one or two refereeing decisions, but they blew it.
    • There were moans and groans as people had to sit with ones they dislike.
    • You could hear the moans and groans when it was mentioned that five individuals had tied at 37 points.
    • There are a few moans and groans of course, but you have that same sense of identity.
    • He somehow remains a lad, despite his moans and groans.
    • The pupils come to me with their moans and groans, but I have heard nothing regarding them being attacked.
    • Despite moans and groans, they complied with orders and continued their journey.
    • Every year it surpasses itself with kitschness and when you see it listed on the television schedule, eyes invariably roll to heaven accompanied by moans and groans of distaste.
    • When the draw was made it was met by a few moans and groans from the lads.
    • I hear many moans and groans from bar, shop and restaurant owners that profits and numbers are getting lower every year.
    • These days it's me who inflicts my moans and groans onto my younger friends.
    • In fact, to listen to all of the moans and groans, it seems like just about the only thing the rankings got right was the No.1.
    • Yet, despite the moans and groans, few people would ultimately argue against the need for employment rights.
    • I'd love it if they'd put up a fight against his nomination, but I seriously doubt they will beyond a few moans and groans for theater.
    • Years of moans and groans about the setting of the memorial came to an end this week as scaffolding was removed to reveal the new wall.