Traducción de mobility scooter en Español:

mobility scooter

scooter eléctrico para discapacitados, n.


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    scooter eléctrico para discapacitados masculino
    • Police were called at 9.40 pm after the youths tampered with his 98-year-old mother's mobility scooter.
    • Knowing him he probably didn't stick to the normal paths and ignored the limits of his mobility scooter.
    • Drivers of mobility scooters are being asked to take a police safety course after a spate of accidents involving the low-speed electric vehicles.
    • Why anyone would want to put a tax on mobility scooters is beyond me I mean, no-one chooses to have these things.
    • I am aware that recently concerns have been raised about the increasing number of accidents and incidents involving mobility scooters or buggies.
    • They go bowling in Morecambe, visit Preston market, go out to work, cook in their own homes and get around on a mobility scooter.
    • A church minister, the Reverend John Snape, was banned from boarding a train because his mobility scooter was 1.6 inches too long.
    • Mobility scooter owners may have to take driving tests and buy compulsory motor insurance under plans being drawn up by the Government.
    • He could still be seen around the Hampton area on his mobility scooter.
    • It comes following numerous accidents involving the vehicles, including incidents in which users have inadvertently driven their mobility scooters onto motorways.
    • Manual and powered wheelchairs can be insured as can mobility scooters.
    • The fire spread after a mobility scooter parked outside their home in a sheltered housing complex was set alight.
    • A second mobility scooter which was parked outside nearby flats was also set on fire at 1.28 am on Monday.
    • A disabled grandmother has received a speeding ticket accusing her of travelling at 41 mph on a mobility scooter that has a top speed of 8 mph.
    • A WOMAN with multiple sclerosis has been left practically housebound after thieves stole her mobility scooter.
    • British scientists are developing tracking technology for mobility scooters to prevent their elderly and disabled users getting lost.
    • Bright has been convicted of driving his mobility scooter over the drink-drive limit under a historic Victorian law dating back almost 140 years.
    • Great grandad Stanley Murphy took a wrong turn in his mobility scooter - and ended up on a 70 mph carriageway.