Traducción de mod cons en Español:

mod cons

Pronunciación /mɒdˈkɒnz/

sustantivo plural


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    flats with all mod cons apartamentos con todas las comodidades
    • the car comes complete with the latest mod cons el coche viene equipado con los últimos adelantos
    • The flat offered me more space for my money and included all the mod cons.
    • Each house has a modern kitchen fitted out with all mod cons.
    • Unless you've been holed up in some godforsaken middle-of-nowhere with no mod cons, there's no getting away from the veritable computer games revolution in the last couple of years.
    • On the third floor of a modern development it has the usual mod cons.
    • All 44 bedrooms are en suite, with all mod cons.
    • Tomorrow, with his season over, he intends to put in a bid for a new house, half-built with all mod cons.
    • These are complemented by mod cons like comfortable fittings and air conditioning.
    • His DIY makeover, however, stopped short of mod cons: fires still had to be built every morning, and ice collected and melted for drinking or washing.
    • It has 10 bedrooms on two floors, all recently redesigned with a subtle eye for colour - purples, blues, browns feature strongly - and all mod cons.
    • But in those days there were few mod cons, cleaning appliances or chemicals, so scrubbing up was hard work and everyone who did it was greatly respected.
    • And despite its run-down appearance, there are a few mod cons - electricity, phone line, oil-fired central heating, a septic tank and mains water.
    • Whether it's a tourer, a motorhome, a holiday home or even a folding camper, the winning leisure vehicle will be decked out with mod cons fit for a gadget geek in heaven.
    • The Costa del Sol has an average 325 days' sunshine a year, a laid-back lifestyle, yet with all the mod cons we have come to expect, and an outdoor life second-to-none.
    • Can you possibly describe to somebody from the city, who has a proper house with running water and all the mod cons, what it is like to try to bring up five kids in this environment?
    • Masterminded by a highly skilled local craftsman, the restoration is a superb example of how to combine the charm and character of a period property with all the mod cons of modern building methods.
    • They live in bungalows on the land and have all mod cons like satellite TV.
    • Today's campsites are well equipped and beautifully located, with all mod cons to hand.
    • The houses are fully furnished and equipped with all mod cons, down to crockery and cutlery.
    • So perhaps the most revealing figures from what was published in 1951 relate to the mod cons, or lack of them, that existed in York households then.
    • You know, it seems obvious that a lot of people want to live in traditional houses, but with all mod cons, and that's why contemporary building and development companies produce the buildings they do.
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