Traducción de modality en Español:


modalidad, n.

Pronunciación /moʊˈdælədi//mə(ʊ)ˈdalɪti/

nombrePlural modalities

Lingüística Filosofía

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    modalidad femenino
    • What is the modality of a person's relationship to others in the group?
    • Secondly, all the various kinds of modality can be expressed (some more idiomatically than others) without the use of the modal verbs.
    • And the idea of the other modalities being introduced as complements to the Lydian mode, was added.
    • The eating patterns of young Vietnamese in Sydney concern these wider productive and social processes and the experiential modalities of consumption.
    • In English, such verbs have largely replaced the subjunctive mood, and three kinds of modality can be distinguished for them.
    • As a contested site, language must be disconnected from identification with specific ethnicities and be recognized for its different modalities for those individuals who claim specific languages as native.
    • I will say that some philosophers somehow change the modality in this characterization from can to must.
    • The ‘could’, as I said, involves some other modality.
    • In this way the phenomenological reality of the spiritual modality of being could be demonstrated scientifically.
    • The language is a kind of chromatically-flavored modality (very suited to the opening chant) that Barber moved to in his late period.
    • Now start adding in the number of modalities which exist, in addition to so-called major and minor keys.
    • There is an air of reflective modality about this recital, and yet it is Edmund Rubbra rather than Vaughan Williams to whom the greater part of the performance time is devoted.
    • The exhibition succeeded in demonstrating various modalities of person-to-person interconnectedness and their aesthetic wake, albeit some more direct and convincing than others.
    • It was a conscious construction, an amalgam of Middle Eastern melismata and rhythms, Renaissance modality, and, oddly enough, Baroque counterpoint.
    • This doesn't correspond to current usage, and in the discussion above, I assumed that can can refer to permission as well as ability, possibility and other forms of modality.
    • Moreover, the very preoccupation of communities with staving off God's wrath and propitiating the saints heightened their concern with the modalities of worship.
    • Open fifths, fourths and tritones, modality and whole-tone scales abound.
    • There's a feeling of Renaissance modality to it - church music, if you will, without the official prayer.
    • They inhabit some idiosyncratic space between harmony and modality, neither more one than the other.
    • Relaxation, a practiced therapy, includes the three modalities of self - mind, body, and spirit.
    • If the modality concerns a past-time situation, the modal as such does not appear in a past-tense form.