Traducción de moderate en Español:


moderado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmɑd(ə)rət//ˈmɒd(ə)rət/


  • 1

    (price/expense) moderado
    (expense/price) módico
    (heat) moderado
    he's a moderate drinker bebe con moderación
    • winds will be light to moderate los vientos serán de suaves a moderados
    • Let it be said, however, that I'm all in favour of those things that keep us looking and feeling our youthful best, including moderate amounts of plastic surgery.
    • They basically got away with what they could at the time (which wasn't much) and found a moderate amount of success.
    • The fourth is that they exercise not a bit but a lot - ie they have about 60-90 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every day.
    • Although it prefers no frost, it will tolerate a moderate amount of it.
    • A moderate climate produces an average winter temperature of 50 degrees, while the summer average is 82.4 degrees.
    • I expected a moderate amount, but it's quite scary.
    • Though the calorific value of fructose was the same as that of sucrose or glucose, it was preferable to consume it only in moderate amounts.
    • Time how many jumps you can perform at a moderate pace in 30 seconds.
    • Drivers caught breaking the speed limit by moderate amounts would get two, instead of three, points on their licence under the Road Safety Bill being debated by MPs.
    • The trail, just off the leeward highway, is not difficult, though there are a few steep areas requiring a moderate degree of fitness.
    • Current research suggests that 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity almost everyday is enough to improve health.
    • On a moderate level of intensity, such feelings would amount to what is usually categorized as cheerfulness.
    • Some of these second-wave acts achieved a moderate degree of success and most were assured at least of a long career on the standup circuit.
    • Health experts suggest a diet rich in green vegetables full of antioxidants, beans which contain healthy fats and a moderate amount of wine.
    • Some of the vices he recommended to the elderly include the use - in moderate amounts - of alcohol, tobacco and bromides to relieve insomnia.
    • Research by the Department of Transport suggests that talking on a mobile while driving affects a driver in a similar way to drinking a moderate amount of alcohol.
    • You know, when we're giggling with the moderate amount of English that she knows.
    • It really doesn't matter what type of exercise, if it is done at moderate intensity for as long as possible, and is built up gradually.
    • The marginal zone cells were medium-sized and contained a moderate amount of cytoplasm.
    • But, you know, it is healthy to get moderate amounts of sunlight.
  • 2

    (not extreme)
    (demands/views/criticism) moderado
    • He was the target of years of bitter denunciation, even revulsion, from the left over his moderate policies, but subsequent events demonstrated he was right and they were wrong.
    • What factors explain these moderate policies toward ethnic minorities?
    • That's key, that's what a lot of moderate lawmakers in both parties want to hear.
    • The aim was always to hollow out the more moderate party and supplant it.
    • In general, however, the tone of the party was moderate.
    • In one 12-hour period, assassination attempts were mounted on as many as five politicians from a moderate party.
    • They had to put forward a moderate policy platform that nevertheless differed them from the Liberals.
    • Australia has a new and rising political party with moderate policies which is headed by a black woman.
    • Once upon a time, this was a very moderate party.
    • His moderate policies, his personal charm, and his touch at expressing popular opinion were all heightened by the weakness of the leadership of his Conservative rivals.
    • Its front bench has a younger profile, and with its policies not very far from those of the current government, it will find little ideological problems with the moderate policies now favoured by Labour.
    • He turned Labour into a moderate party which accepted Thatcher's economic settlement but combined it with state-sponsored policies of social cohesion.
    • In other words, people voted for the extremist parties because the moderate parties were too extremist.
    • He, along with other pragmatists, feared that it could split his party into moderate and radical factions and undermine its ability to govern.
    • Throughout the process, those loyal to its moderate policies fought for the survival of their party.
    • A new moderate party comes onto the political scene.
    • Will the press buy the notion of putting out these more moderate faces in the spotlight means that it's a more moderate party?
    • Any extremist attempts at violence would overwhelmingly consolidate support for a moderate policy.
    • The Democrats will never succeed as either a liberal party or a moderate party.
    • The new moderate policy reckoned without the ambitions of the poorest peasants and the zeal of local Party cadres.
  • 3

    (ability/achievement) regular
    (achievement/ability) pasable

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (demands/criticism/views) moderar
    kindly moderate your language ten la bondad de cuidar el vocabulario que empleas
    • It seems that she is moderating her tone, at least a hair.
    • However, it would be an enormous mistake to believe that the anti-social attacks have been thwarted and a new government will adapt to the voters' verdict by moderating its policies.
    • Although we are lucky and have some clouds today to moderate the intense desert heat, we shelter in the shade of the lorry for several hours before continuing.
    • Since those long lost days my beer intake has, shall we say, moderated.
    • Most notably, the Pueblo Indians in the Southwest used adobe masonry to moderate weather extremes and keep their homes comfortable.
    • The policy was moderated after 1977 to allow some private investment, and largely abandoned after 1987.
    • The public debt must be reduced; the arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled.
    • The flavors are moderated, the heat lessened, the ingredients changed.
    • Our strategy was to use thermal mass to moderate temperature extremes.
    • The climate is continental although the Black Sea influence helps to moderate winter temperatures in Dobrudja by the coast.
    • Forests play a key role in moderating the climate, regulating water systems, preventing erosion, alleviating air pollution, and providing wildlife habitat.
    • Original walls over 2m thick and deeply recessed small windows moderate internal temperatures.
    • These form a thermal mass that moderates the extremes in temperature fluctuations.
    • Certainly, he said, prices had moderated considerably and the units now coming on stream were at affordable levels.
    • Inside, such wood was used for louvered window coverings, which helped to control incoming sunlight and to moderate ambient temperature.
    • Thankfully, however, that won't ever happen, because we have the Gulf Stream to moderate the weather in the UK, so that our winters don't get too cold and our summers don't get too hot.
    • Mr. Speaker Sir, the rates of excise duty have now been considerably moderated.
    • In 1991, American foreign policy was moderated by the shadow of a previous over-reaction in Vietnam.
    • Since Anchorage is located at the end of a long inlet, the yearly temperatures, moderated by the influence of ocean currents, are considerably milder than in the interior of Alaska.
    • As soon as the weather moderated, the four men at Cape Evans climbed the cliffs behind their camp and scanned the sea for any signs of the ship.
  • 2moderating present participle

    (influence/effect) moderador

verbo intransitivo

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    (pain) aliviarse
    (pain) calmarse
    (wind) calmarse
  • 2

    (person) hacer de moderador


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    moderado masculino
    moderada femenino