Traducción de moderation en Español:


moderación, n.

Pronunciación /mɒdəˈreɪʃ(ə)n//ˌmɑdəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    moderación femenino
    drinking is not harmful, in moderation beber no es nocivo, si se hace con moderación
    • all things in moderation todos los excesos son malos
    • He believed that one's guiding principle should be moderation for in the extremes resided the vices of excess and deficiency.
    • Given the enormous British tradition of restraint and moderation, that won't happen this time but a drastic response such as that will surely happen if such attacks continue.
    • He identifies the four of the Athenian virtues: wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice.
    • It stresses the virtues of wisdom, justice, fortitude, and moderation.
    • They are encouraging young people to associate alcohol with excess and extreme moderation.
    • As with all things in bodybuilding, the best way to achieve an extreme physique is through consistency and moderation.
    • Is there another group that seeks the path of rectitude and moderation with the same fervor?
    • From the disease model point of view, moderation of addictive behavior is an unrealistic goal for a true addict.
    • After a couple of nights of moderation, both in political tone and the orator, they're starting to take the gloves off tonight.
    • It will only be cured when people re-discover the old-fashioned virtues of moderation, self-restraint, self-respect, neighbourliness, and a concern for others.
    • The County has a long tradition of political moderation with progressive attitudes toward culture, education and science.
    • That's what I favour - moderation and responsible behaviour.
    • The antithesis of tyranny is justice and moderation and that of ignorance, knowledge and understanding.
    • No, it could be argued that when it comes to the national team we are guilty of the contrary virtues of patience, moderation, and restraint.
    • Common sense, moderation and consistency are the foundations of a fit body and healthy nutrition.
    • To some extent, it appears to function as a cautionary tale, preaching moderation: excess, it warns, finishes you off quicker than boredom.
    • Political pluralism also tends to exercise some moderation or restraint on unbridled nationalism.
    • We advocate that customers eat smart with balance, variety and moderation and go active with moderate exercise.
    • By ‘virtue’ they mean such moral virtues as justice, moderation, and courage.
    • I decided that with moderation, I could eat anything I wanted.
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    (lessening, lowering)
    moderación femenino
    • He said the combination of increased housing supply and easing economic growth ‘will see a moderation in the rate of price growth over the coming months’.
    • This moderation of tone is politically smart, I think.
    • Significant cost reductions and a greater focus on wage moderation were necessary to protect jobs in the year ahead.
    • This is probably more precaution than I would take on my weblog, particularly the moderation of unregistered comments.
    • By contrast, German commitment to wage moderation has decreased its real exchange rate relative to Italy's by almost the same amount.
    • While that failure doesn't represent a major blow to the aim of seeking a moderation of greenhouse gas abatements strategy, it does represent a serious problem for Australian consumers.
    • Ireland needs to see significant and continuous cost reductions and wage moderation if we are to protect existing employment.
    • They're basically young toughs in these projects, and they're just not responding to any kind of calls for moderation to the violence, not even from their parents, by the way.
    • A real decline in inflation would depend in the moderation of wage demands by ‘organised groups of workers’, indicated Government sources.