Traducción de moderator en Español:


moderador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmɑdəˌreɪdər//ˈmɒdəreɪtə/


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    (in debates)
    moderador masculino
    moderadora femenino
    • And my answer there is that my function as a debate moderator has always been to just to facilitate the exchange between the candidates, to get them to talk about it.
    • Currently, he is scheduled to be a moderator at the third presidential debate in Arizona.
    • Average people asked better questions than the moderator of the first debate.
    • The traditional format of the two leaders plus a single moderator is gone, and a panel of five is instead in place to ask the questions.
    • Or had the retired general simply not considered the possibility that debate moderators would ask him questions?
    • It can be intimidating, but the moderator must keep the debate on track and fair.
    • I thought that was strange since he was going to be the moderator of the debate.
    • The moderator of the English language debates got a lot of bad press for letting things get out of control.
    • In the Republican debate, the moderator asked the candidates a viewer's question about which political philosopher or thinker the candidate identified with.
    • Aggressive moderators don't get picked as debate moderators, Lou.
    • In this debate, the moderator is going to be even more important than the past debates.
    • The principal moderator arranged the focus groups and led the discussion.
    • They insisted on a single moderator, a stiff debate format and live coverage only by two small stations.
    • If you agree to take part, the moderator for your panel will email you and the other participants to nail down the details of the panel.
    • The debate will finish with the moderator asking a general question to both Leaders in order to sum up.
    • And now let's talk to the moderator of this evening's recall debate.
    • He jumped from his stool, chopped at the air and interrupted the debate moderator.
    • Two disciplinary hearings, chaired by an outside moderator, were held yesterday and the others are due to be completed soon.
    • We held an April contest there, and since I'm a moderator I figured I best churn out a submission.
    • But for any decision to be taken, the government must stand up for what it is and not play the role of a moderator in college debate.
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    Escuela Universidad
    • The exam papers were marked by teachers and then sent to external moderators.
    • Data quality was ensured by having the moderator present his coding to a team including the principal investigator, a research assistant, and the principal investigator's graduate students.
    • Testers were observed by moderators during the examination.
    • Reducing external assessment could save the £60 million spent on moderators and examiners for GCSEs and GNVQ courses, he claims.
    • On top of this, contracted moderators check marked student work in every subject from every school, every year.
    • In 1860-61 Cambridge appointed him moderator and examiner for the Mathematical Tripos.
    • The moderator, a famous senior scientist, was incredulous.
    • Their concurrence with conclusions drawn ensures the validity of the moderator's analysis.
    • ‘We ordered the paper in as it was too costly to hire an examiner and moderator for such a small exam,’ he said.
    • Children at the state and national level sometimes didn't know what the moderator was asking because the moderator was saying it correctly.

    árbitro encargado de procurar que exista uniformidad de criterios en la calificación de exámenes

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    presidente masculino
    • In recent years moderators have spent the rest of their year in office visiting missionaries and liaising with presbyteries.
    • He has been the moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church since he founded it in 1951, a longer run in power than most popes.
    • The first act of the Assembly was the appointment of a moderator.
    • The former moderator of the Church of Scotland has now given up the parish he tended for 13 years to take on a new challenge.
    • The organization constituted itself in January and elected as moderator the head of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.
    • He had more than one year long term as moderator of his Presbytery.
    • Last month the former moderator of the Presbyterian Church, went so far as to call for an end to the withdrawal by Protestants from mixed towns and areas.
    • The moderator has previously said he would not be opposed to openly gay ministers.
    • Harare's Presbyterian moderator last week called on the government to ‘stop abrogating its duty in regard to the anarchy and lawlessness which is destroying the country’.
    • The moderator made a speech at first mild, recognising what Europeans had done in Africa.
    • The moderator challenged the audience: ‘What are you - bishops, priests, laity - afraid of about dialogue?’
    • A representative from each presbytery, along with the three most recent moderators and three elders appointed by the Assembly, each have a vote.
    • Rev Bwalya was the first moderator for the Copperbelt presbytery.
    • A former Presbyterian moderator, he is noted for his hardline views and refuses to attend ecumenical services that include Catholic priests.
    • The Church of Scotland would be prepared to appoint an openly gay minister, according to the church's new moderator.
    • A vocal critic of the government, he was a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church and moderator of its Transvaal senate when he was banned in 1977.

    de la asamblea de algunas iglesias protestantes