Traducción de modus operandi en Español:

modus operandi

modus operandi, n.

Pronunciación /ˌməʊdəs ɒpəˈrandʌɪ//ˌmoʊdəs ˌɑpəˈrændi//ˌmoʊdəs ˌɑpəˈrændaɪ//ˌməʊdəs ɒpəˈrandiː/



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    modus operandi masculino formal
    procedimiento masculino
    • I think that the congresswoman suggests a modus operandi, which is unfortunate.
    • This is the modus operandi of our stone-age politicians of the Opposition.
    • However some have managed to discern a modus operandi, which could be considered clever if it were not so over-used.
    • The normal modus operandi is incremental adjustment focused on solving specific policy problems or political issues.
    • Our modus operandi is to not spend too long in one place.
    • It's almost like the signature, the modus operandi, of a disinformation campaign.
    • In tune with the usual modus operandi of the industry, the audio was released on Wednesday and people struggled to find parking place.
    • Their modus operandi was to approach candidates ahead of the examination with the promise of showing them the paper in advance.
    • The modus operandi of the protesters is that they spot something on TV they think they can hype into an object of protest.
    • His modus operandi is to trace cause and effect.
    • The modus operandi used by genre critics is still connected with means of definition and categorization.
    • The modus operandi of this procedure went like this.
    • The modus operandi was to trap leopards near human settlements and release them deep inside a forest, away from people.
    • This is also the standard modus operandi of academic or conventional economics.
    • The modus operandi in most of the cases has been remarkably similar in its old-school simplicity.
    • The usual modus operandi was that robbers identified isolated residential localities and targeted lonely women.
    • For just as he acted according to the modus operandi that has characterised his government, so did the opposition.
    • That's not my usual modus operandi, but maybe I can make an exception.
    • To be fair, we only have his side of the story, but I'm inherently distrusting of the police and it does fit completely with their usual modus operandi.
    • Its modus operandi is thus quite unconnected with that of the Pill, where overall blood serum levels are raised.
    • In both cases naming and blaming is the modus operandi.
    • The Journal's modus operandi included slander and character assassination.
    • The modus operandi in Africa shows how professional the execution of their plan was.
    • Sadly, this approach or concept has never been part of the modus operandi of the Leader of the Opposition.
    • Industry observers have noticed a not-so-subtle shift in the modus operandi of the multi-nationals.
    • One possible reason for the different functions encoded by R genes is the different modus operandi employed by different pathogen species.
    • It was the usual modus operandi - improvise, make do, and make it work.