Traducción de molasses en Español:


melaza, n.

Pronunciación /məˈlæsəz//məˈlasɪz/


  • 1

    melaza femenino
    as slow as molasses más lento que una tortuga
    • They developed a much simpler and cheaper process using fermented molasses or wheat - eventually manufacturers realised that almost any protein can be broken down to produce it.
    • Rum is made by fermenting either cane juice or molasses mixed with water, and then distilling the resulting low-alcohol wine.
    • MSG is a powdered form of glutamate made by fermenting molasses from sugar cane and beets.
    • Sugar beet molasses, a processing byproduct, is used for making yeast, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.
    • Nowadays it is usually manufactured from wheat gluten or beet molasses by a fermentation process devised in the 1950s.