Traducción de molecular en Español:


molecular, adj.

Pronunciación /məˈlɛkjʊlə//məˈlɛkjələr/


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    • This structure opens a major gateway to the molecular understanding of transcription.
    • Dissolved molecular oxygen was removed from solutions by purging with dry nitrogen gas.
    • With any luck it will be made from high molecular polymers and have a large symmetrical blade with a dihedral front face.
    • His was the first group to study chemical reactions in this way under molecular beam conditions.
    • The secret of how lava lamps work can be traced back to the molecular nature of oil and water.
    • In other words, the spider possesses a molecular blueprint for making the polymer.
    • Cellular depletion of oxygen results in rapid molecular and physiological acclimation.
    • It may react with molecular oxygen and form quinone and superoxide radicals.
    • This work is regarded as an important prelude to examining this phase change at the molecular level.
    • In particular, it reduces product hazards at the most fundamental, molecular, level.
    • Science has shown us that at the molecular level there is nothing but rapidly moving energy.
    • Their research determined the colour of light at the atomic and molecular level.
    • At the family level recent studies of the molecular regulation of fruit development will be of interest as well.
    • The secret of life lies in the immense complexity of its molecular organisation.
    • Thus, an understanding of the molecular events that underlie ozone toxicity is an important goal.
    • Fire is actually a dancing plasma of molecules and molecular fragments, excited into a glowing state by heat.
    • The molecular mechanisms of quorum sensing have long remained mysterious.
    • This finding suggests that memory loss can in fact be avoided by drugs aimed at a small number of molecular targets.
    • For larger dextrans to enter the wall, the whole molecule or molecular segment would need to be deformed.
    • The simple molecular structure of alcohol allows it to penetrate this barrier.