Traducción de molehill en Español:


topera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmoʊlˌhɪl//ˈməʊlhɪl/


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    topera femenino
    • That would be much more helpful than removing molehills from a sports field.
    • As if disturbed by the mere threat of either of these cures, our moles have been quiet for a few days, but I will certainly try them out should the molehills start to reappear.
    • Go down to the field (if you find fields on the side of the river then even better) and look for some molehills.
    • But my invisible friend still works at night despite the cold; one of the molehills is snowless, dark and fresh between two frosty bottles.
    • Cod Beck carries on, squirting from beneath a sloping earthen dam, which had a few molehills, and then gurgling into a wooded ravine.
    • Here's more advice for those of us who suffer from moles and molehills in our lawns, this time from the Garden Centre, near Preston.
    • Pupils from Cawood Primary School joined in the scheme when they helped sift through molehills looking for artefacts.
    • Moles don't dig new tunnels each time they forage, and in fact a very active mole territory may sport very few molehills.
    • Moles were doing the Chalkland Way, leaving molehills of white-flecked soil.
    • The way to find microliths (small Mesolithic flint barbs), he said, was to search springtime molehills.
    • Their neighbour agreed, saying: ‘The embankment is full of molehills.’
    • All summer there have been molehills in the orchard.
    • The sight of new molehills here and there reminded me of an old farm worker I knew who was a good hand at catching moles.
    • Some racers struggled up the final climb, even though it was a molehill compared to the high mountain passes that must be scaled in the Alps.
    • We had set off on a romp and a ramble through tangly woods and snow dusted fields and had found ourselves standing on molehills and wondering just exactly where we were.
    • The house looked bland and there was nothing in the garden except molehills.
    • It is also mercifully free of molehills, which are the scourge of our sandy garden.
    • It is quite common to see moles covered in soil after pushing there way through molehills but have you ever actually seen a muddy fox?
    • Featuring all the worst aspects of a neglected garden on one side of the fence, including dandelions, thistles, and molehills, it had a beautiful cottage garden on the other.
    • Landowners have been struggling to control a mole epidemic which has resulted in an explosion in the number of molehills.