Traducción de moleskin en Español:


piel de topo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈməʊlskɪn//ˈmoʊlˌskɪn/


  • 1

    piel de topo femenino
    • He was in the same get up, just with a moleskin jacket, and very short deerskin shorts.
  • 2

    molesquín masculino
    • The decision to go with my rather fetching moleskin jacket was looking like a victory for style over practicality.
    • For texture, we've used traditional moleskin in our cushioning and have hot-branded the Longhorn logo in leather and timber throughout.
    • Apparently with the longer curly blond hair and the black moleskin jacket I look ‘very indie’.
    • You would know them at a glance - dressed almost alike with brown boots, moleskin trousers, and a peaked cap turned to the left side.
    • These two contrasting elements surface as streamlined suits with detailed panelling and tab-fronted trousers, either in traditional herringbone tweed, soft moleskin or leather.
    • The fabrics are understated, using simple knits, jersey cotton and moleskins.
    • I asked Geoff to explain the differences in the different moleskin fabrics.
    • Tweeds, velvets, moleskin - there's no retro cloth that hasn't been revamped for a new generation of trendsetters.
    • She had changed into a black moleskin cloak-like dress but had kept her red headscarf and cross-laced sandals.
    • Later that afternoon, he is back in his £400 custom-made wig, moleskin britches and make-up to give a reading at a travel trade fair.
    • The tails of his black cloth coat were pinned up behind to keep them from rubbing; he had on a pair of moleskin trousers and leather gaiters, and in his hand he carried a little whip of rhinoceros hide.
    • Jeans, polo shirts, boots, moleskin trousers, handcrafted belts, hats and jackets are among some of the products on sale at the new store.
    • He's wearing grey herringbone-tweed trousers and a velvety moleskin jacket.
    • He is wearing a chocolate brown moleskin suit, a dark shirt and tartan clip-on braces, one of which has come adrift.
    • I often feel like I'm an 18th century aristocrat arriving at Lord Monck's house for dinner, a dark-coated wag or bounder wearing the latest in britches and moleskin cape.
    • On Friday he was canvassing on the Thames View Estate dressed in a brown moleskin suit, white shirt, beige tie and polished shoes.