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familiar, adj.

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    • It was not a great time to launch a mom-and-pop record store.
    • That reminds me of a superstore that pats itself on the back for putting a mom-and-pop hardware store out of business.
    • Now most of the oceanfront bungalows and the mom-and-pop motels are gone.
    • Currently, all business falls under one tax category, be it a hotel, restaurant or mom-and-pop candy store.
    • You can't get a mom-and-pop shop to do something like this nationwide.
    • They would rather shop at national chains than at local mom-and-pop stores.
    • Temporarily freed of the apron she wears in our mom-and-pop grocery store, my mother had dressed up for her downtown jaunt.
    • Gone are the overhead cables and the architectural mismatch of high-rise office building next to mom-and-pop store next to 50-year-old houses.
    • Should mom-and-pop frame shops be worried about losing customers to the Web of convenience?
    • ‘We've always been a mom-and-pop shop,’ he continued.
    • Not only did consumers earn mere pennies by participating, but they also had to shop at any number of mom-and-pop stores just to earn those pennies.
    • In addition, mom-and-pop shops are facing more competition from big box stores and Internet sites.
    • Mainly comprised of mom-and-pop stores and private veterinarians in 1993, pet care has grown to a $23 billion industry of superstores and medical organizations.
    • Let's be specific: Because the proposed law would only include grocery stores over 10,000 square feet, every local mom-and-pop store would be exempt.
    • Those smaller stores, not to mention mom-and-pop operations in provincial towns, are threatened by the big international megastores.
    • He looked into the windows of the little souvenir shops, mom-and-pop restaurants, and other shops.
    • The twentieth century witnessed the virtual demise of the household-sized mom-and-pop corner stores, replaced by large scale department and speciality stores.
    • Most ice cream stores are still mom-and-pop shops that lack the funds needed to finance such a study.
    • The duo started the company as a mom-and-pop retail frame shop where they worked with local artists.
    • The mom-and-pop stores are further disadvantaged in the global marketplace, being effectively shut out of access to consumer dollars.