Traducción de moment en Español:


momento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmoʊmənt//ˈməʊm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(short period)

      momento masculino
      could I speak to you for a moment? ¿podría hablar con usted un momento?
      • I'm going out to get some milk: I won't be a moment salgo a comprar leche, enseguida vuelvo
      • it was a moment before he spoke tardó unos instantes en empezar a hablar
      • a moment later poco después
      • a moment ago hace un momento
      • I'll fix it when I get a moment lo arreglaré cuando tenga un momento
      • The girls giggled and spent the next few moments remembering their experiences with Paz in the past.
      • Setting aside the real world for a moment, let's return to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
      • His answer was the resolute sort that made her fall silent for a moment in contemplation.
      • I had a brief moment of silent panic when I thought I'd chipped a tooth on a particularly hard bit.
      • After a few moments it was my turn, and I walked over behind the wall.
      • They stood there silent for a moment, looking at each other and looking at the stars on the sky.
      • She disappeared for a moment and returned with a towel, blanket, and a first aid kit.
      • Take a moment now to remember the best thing that ever happened to you.
      • He held my gaze for a moment longer before returning his focus to my grandmother.
      • Then, moments later, she turned on the radio that sat on her nightstand.
      • He rummaged around for a moment and returned with a pair of black pants and a light blue sleeveless top.
      • He looked away for a moment but returned to steering the cart down the dirt road.
      • A bingo fan won a £20,000 jackpot prize and promptly offered to split his winnings with a woman he had only met moments earlier.
      • They each held the other's gaze for a moment, and some silent message was conveyed.
      • He rubbed his hand over his eyes wearily and thought for a moment before replying.
      • I looked at him blankly and for a moment a look of panic crossed his handsome features.
      • I stopped for a moment in the silent air to enjoy the incredible surroundings which brought tears to my eyes.
      • Reynold picked up his fork and played with his salad for a moment before replying.
      • Wyatt stood silent for a moment, unable to anything other than stare at the duo in front of him.
      • The rebels drag one of their own back from the front, and moments later exact their revenge on the captive man.
      • Marsha's frown returned and for a moment Thomas feared she'd go all motherly on him.
      • Rachel disappeared for a moment, then returned with a glass of water in her hands.

    • 1.2(instant, time)

      momento masculino
      an unthinking moment un momento de descuido
      • a proud moment un momento de orgullo
      • in a moment of rage en un momento de rabia
      • at the moment en este momento
      • at that moment en ese momento
      • from that moment on a partir de ese momento
      • at that very moment en ese preciso instante
      • the very next moment al minuto siguiente
      • it was the wrong moment to tell her no era el momento de decírselo
      • you certainly pick your moments, don't you? tienes el don de la oportunidad ¿no?
      • from moment to moment por momentos
      • this is not the moment to bring up the subject este no es momento de sacar el tema

    • 1.3

      as conjunction the moment (that) en cuanto
      • let me know the moment they arrive avísame en cuanto lleguen

  • 2

    momento masculino
    moment of inertia momento de inercia
    • Here's the sneaky part - we use that fact that atoms with the wrong moments are kicked out of the trap.
    • The relative size of the control surface in relation to its location also will determine the magnitude of the moments.
    • The team used samarium, an element whose spin and orbital moments are opposite and vary with temperature.
  • 3formal

    trascendencia femenino
    importancia femenino
    this matter is of great/little moment to me este asunto es muy/muy poco importante para mí
    • It is therefore of little moment for the affected parties and, derivatively, for social policy.
    • Nothing of any importance or moment was really happening, but it appeared to be.
    • Martyrs' relics and graves seemed of little moment in a world about to be consumed by fire.
    • His diplomacy won over only the Illyrian king Genthius, whose support proved of little moment.